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Free Portable Educational Software Programs

Portable Licence: The following portable Windows programs are provided free of charge for use on a memory stick and are not to be copied to any computer hard drive. Simply download the zip file (to the memory stick if you wish). Then open the zip file and extract the contents to your memory stick. A folder will be created 'Olltwit Portable Apps'. Inside you will find the program folder. Double click the program file inside that directory to run. Installation versions of these programs can be found here.

Our Files DO NOT Contain Adware, Spyware, Viruses, Toolbars Or Any Other Third Party Software

Manned Spaceflight Manned Spaceflight - Multimedia guide to manned spaceflight.
Match Up Match Up - Learn about matching words or phrases.
Maze Maker Maze Maker - Make simple and complex mazes.
Monkey Puzzle Monkey Puzzle - Complete the picture in this jigsaw type game.
Everlasting Maths Worksheet - Multiplication Everlasting Maths Worksheet - Multiplication - Learn and practice multiplication sums.
Musical Pairs Musical Pairs - A pairs matching game all about music.
Music Maker Music Maker - Easily record and play simple songs with my keyboard program.
Our Solar System Our Solar System - An interactive journey through our solar system.
Periodic Table Game Periodic Table - Learn about the Periodic Table in this fun fair arcade style game.
Picture Pairs Picture Pairs - A fun, addictive, memory improving game.
Plan Maker Plan Maker - Make simple plans of houses, rooms, street maps etc.
Practise Typing Practise Typing - A simple program to help with learning to type.
Press A Letter Press A Letter - A simple association program.
Quiz Maker Quiz Maker - Make your own quizzes. Lots of quizzes included.
Securibot Securibot - Game to instruct a robot to arrest a villain.
Sentence Builder Sentence Builder - Educational game to help with sentence construction.
The Works Of William Shakespeare The Works Of William Shakespeare - Complete searchable works of the Bard with a glossary of 3,000+ terms.
Simon Simon - Random lights educational memory game.
Sonic Simon Sonic Simon - Random sounds educational memory game for the visually impaired.
South American Jigsaw South American Jigsaw - igsaw puzzle to learn about South America.
Stopwatch Stopwatch - Works like a real stopwatch. Great on an interactive whiteboard.
The Strongest Link The Strongest Link - General knowledge quiz game with hundreds of questions.
Everlasting Maths Worksheet - Subtraction Everlasting Maths Worksheet - Subtraction - Learn and practice subtraction sums.
Tell The Time Tell The Time - Learn how to tell the time with our speaking clock.
Tidy Up Tidy Up - Game to help with mouse skills.
Times Tables Times Tables - Learn the 1 to 12 times table.
USA Jigsaw USA Jigsaw - Jigsaw puzzle of the United States of America.
What's This Number What's This Number - Create numbers and hear them spoken.
Word Quiz Maker Word Quiz Maker - Make your own word ladder quizzes.
Wordsearch Maker Wordsearch Maker - Make your own word searches.
Junior Wordsearch Maker Junior Wordsearch Maker - Make your own word searches with a smaller grid.
Word Shape Worksheet Maker Word Shape Worksheet Maker - Easily create work sheets to help with handwriting skills.
World Time Program World Time Zones -Shows World time zones in relation to your local time.
Loose Change GBP Loose Change GBP - Game to help with learning about money - GB Pounds.

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