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Sentence Builder

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Portable Licence: This portable program is provided free of charge for use on a memory stick and is not to be copied to any computer hard drive. Simply download the zip file (to the memory stick if you wish). Then open the zip file and extract the contents to your memory stick. A folder will be created 'Olltwit Portable Apps'. Inside you will find the program folder. Double click the program file inside that directory to run. Installation versions of these programs can be found here.

Sentence Builder - correct writing software aid
Colours and size of screenshot reduced to fit page

Suitable for UK Key Stage 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 - USA 1st to 12th Grade (Age 5 - adult)

Recommended Minimum System: PC, Windows 95 or better e.g. XP, Vista, Windows 7, 16MB Ram, Pentium 166 and sound card.

Based on an idea by Fiona Hover in the UK and with additional input from Geoff Cook in Australia. This program is a simple tool to help make sentences. There are sentence files included with the program and there is a facility to add your own. Basically the player chooses a sentence file from a drop down list. This file contains one or more sentences and the first of the list is displayed on screen broken up into words. The words are jumbled up and the player clicks on the words in order to make up that sentence. Other features of the program include audio instructions as well as the on screen text directions and an optional student statistic facility to keep track of how well a student is progressing. The edit/add sentence and student statistic facilities can be password protected.

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