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ADD/ADHD Social Stories

We all know that all children have certain fears about things and things that they do not like doing.

A number of people from our Forums have started to use Social Stories to help their child to overcome certain fears such as insects and things or to help them to get ready on time in the morning.

By having simple stories with some illustrations to help the child know what is expected of them at certain times the child is more able to overcome their fears or manage to do things which would normally take forever to achieve such as getting ready on time - this can be helped by having a story with pictures and times to show the child what to do and at what time to do it.

All of these help many children so we have decided to try to share some of the stories our Forum members have used with their own children - most have added their own photographs to make these more personal to their own child but for these pages I have replaced these with general clip art pictures.

Each page has a different story so feel free to print out or copy any of these to use with your own child at any time and don't forget to make each story personal for your child by putting their own name and age in the story along with any names of brothers, sisters or pets.

To get the best out of these stories and to make them effective the story must first be read by the adult then repeated over and over by the child very frequently at first over a few weeks. if the child cannot read then obviously the parent should read them.

Click on the following:

Spiders By Lisa

Balloons By Lisa

Getting Dressed By Lisa

Getting Ready for School By Caroline

Personal Hygiene By Caroline

Playing With Friends By Emma

Keeping My Room Tidy By Lisa

Nice Hands / Naughty Hands By Caroline

Grey Olltwit Educational Software (maintainers of this website) have made a Social Stories software program. It contains a number of Social Stories with illustrations, that can be read within the program or printed out. Each of the stories can be customised automatically by the program from information added in a simple profile for any number of children. It also contains a facility to easily add new stories. Click here for this Social Stories software.

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