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Personal Hygiene

By Caroline

A story on Personal Hygiene For Your Child's Name

My name is use your child's name here

I am your child's age here years old.

There are many things which we all have to do that sometimes we don't like doing,

Some of these things can be to do with what people call personal hygiene which is to do with having a bath,

Or washing your hair,

Or cleaning your teeth

Sometimes this can be very boring,

We feel that we would have much more fun doing lots of other things instead like playing on the computer,

Or watching the television.

Sometimes it can be because we don't like having our hair washed because it gets very tangled or we worry about soap going in our eyes which can hurt

The problem is that things like having a bath or shower, washing our hair and cleaning our teeth have to be done at times or there can be some horrid problems.

If we don't have a bath or shower, or we don't clean our teeth then we can end up smelling really bad,

This can mean that other people don't want to speak to us

Or play with us.

It is the same with our hair if we don't wash it can get smelly too and also it can get into such a horrible mess that makes it look like we have a birds nest on the top of our heads.

So really no matter what happens when mum or dad tell us that we really must have a wash, it is because they love us and don't want us have other children being nasty to us or calling us nasty names.

We need to speak to mum or dad and tell them that we get upset if we have to miss playing on the computer or watching the TV

Then they may help to find a time when there is not a lot on the TV when you can have the bath.

You may find that mum or dad even say they will help you to wash properly and they can maybe help to make it more fun by getting some new toys to play with in the bath.


They may even be able to help us find something to go over our eyes to stop the soap from going in them.

Then if we can make bath time fun we will want to have our bath, wash our hair and clean our teeth.

Then our friends won't have to be mean anymore and say that we smell but will be really happy to play with us.

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