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The vaults of a London diamond exchange are patrolled by a robot. His simple movements along the rows of trays of diamonds are made by giving him simple commands. When an intruder is detected it is your job to guide the robot to arrest the villain.

How To Play

On the first screen click the Play button to start. If it is your first time or to brush up on your skills, click the Practice button which allows you to play the game but without scoring and not against the clock. If you find the timer in Play too fast then adjust the slider below the Play button. The next screen shows a plan of each level in the vault and the intruder will be seen helping himself to a tray of diamonds. You can only move on the floor area and through the gaps between the trays of diamonds.


To control your robot use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to give him commands. Turn Left will turn the robot to the left, Turn Right will turn him to the right without moving from the square he is on. Forward 1 will move him one square forward in the direction he is facing. Forward 2 moves him two squares forward. Every time you issue a command it will appear in the instruction list to the right of the floor plan. If you make a mistake you can delete your last instruction by clicking the Delete Last Entry button.

The robot will only move once you have completed your instructions with an Arrest Villain command. To do this you need to have a set of instructions listed which you believe will move your robot to the square next to the intruder. Click the Arrest button to issue the final command and the Run Securibot button will become enabled, allowing you to run your instruction program. If all is correct then your robot will follow your commands and arrest the villain. In the game you score points for each correct move and the whole process is against the clock as shown by the red timer bar just above the buttons. If a command is incorrect or you run out of time, he will fail or crash into one of the glass cabinets containing diamonds. Once a level is completed, you will move onto the next. Each level is slightly harder than the one before.

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