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This page shows main additions to the site during 2005, which hopefully will be of use to regular visitors.

December 22nd 2005 - A Watch for ADDers by Nick Jordan

December 13th 2005 - Exciting Opportunity for and our Forum Members

December 10th 2005 - Sleep Seekers Booklet now available

December 3rd 2005 - Jemima sends donation to from her sponsors for the Great North Run

November 29th 2005 - New Report on Sleep & ADHD - How it Affects Family Life

November 6th 2005 - Newsletter from ADHD Summer Camp 2005 & Details for Summer Camp 2006

August 27th 2005 - Report - Sponsored Event for the Children and Day Out to Hever Castle

August 10th 2005 - Jemima runs The Great North Run for ADDers

August 2nd 2005 - Summer Camp 2005

July 18th 2005 - Childrens Sponsor Event

July 15th 2005 - Computer games 'do have benefits'

July 7th 2005 - Events in London

July 3rd 2005 - ADDult ADD/ADHD in National Magazine starring our very own Sam!

June 23rd 2005 - ADHD and Young Offenders - Caroline from is quoted with others!

June 20th 2005 - Some Great New Creative Works Added!

June 20th 2005 - New Page for Cyprus Support Group

June 20th 2005 - New Information Article for Partners

June 13th 2005 - Equasym XL Launched

June 12th 2005 - Children and Adults with ADHD Bridging the Gap - The Need for Creative Collaboration between CAMHS and Adult Mental Health Services

May 27th 2005 - The Association Between Hyperkinesis and Breakdown of Parenting in Clinic Populations

May 10th 2005 - Our Life With ADHD - Interview with Ruth and Paul from Ecosse ADDers

May 9th 2005 - New Research Articles Added

April 28th 2005 - International Call to Action for Improved ADHD Care Launched

April 18th 2005 - Responses so far to Survey Press Release

April 11th 2005 - Survey Reveals Parents Of Children Suffering From ADHD In The UK Are Not Receiving Adequate Support

April 6th 2005 - Joolz finished her Fun Run

April 5th 2005 - ADHD: Not just for kids

March 24th 2005 - News - Conference Report ADDISS Conference 11th March 2005

March 20th 2005 - News - Sponsored Fun Run for by Joolz

March 16th 2005 - Research - New Research Project at Southampton University

March 4th 2005 - Creative ADDers - New Picture added
March 4th 2005 - Kids - New letter added

February 28th 2005 - News - Left blind-spot 'gives ADHD clue'

February 22nd 2005 - Social Stories - New Section of Social Stories to help your child overcome fears and help with problem areas

February 22nd 2005 - Support Groups - New Support Group page for Singapore

February 20th 2005 - Sponsor Slim - Sponsored Slim for
February 20th 2005 - New Poem Added - New Poem Added
February 20th 2005 - Information - New Information Sheets Added

February 16th 2005 - News - Summer Camp 2005 Update

February 6th 2005 - News - Horizon 'Living with ADHD' Follow Up and Review

January 31st 2005 - News - Horizon 'Living with ADHD' BBC2 Thursday 3rd February 2005

January 28th 2005 - Achievement Awards - First Silver Award Given

January 25th 2005 - News - BBC Program for ADHD Announced

January 17th 2005 - News - First biological test for ADHD unveiled

January 7th 2005 - News - site update

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