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January 25th 2005

BBC Program for ADHD Announced

As some members of will already know the highly respected BBC2 program Horizon has been researching a program about ADHD for a number of months now. Also one of the researchers I know has spoken to a lot of folk from here and other places to help to make this a program to help explain away some of the misconceptions surrounding life for a family with a child with ADHD.

Well it has now been announced that this program is to be shown on Thursday February 3rd at 9 pm on BBC 2

I have spoken to a number of experts and I know that there is one who has taken part with the program and I am certain that this part in particular will help to dispel a lot of the myths and preconceptions some people have about how our children behave. I also believe it will help to show what sort of services are needed to enable our children to learn fit in better and learn academically better and also to enable them to learn skills with everyday life that they find so hard.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage as many people as possible to spread the word about this program to as many others as they can and especially their schools and other professionals in their area so that as many people as possible have the chance to see what I believe and hope will be one of the most amazing portrayals of the condition and what it is to live this 24/7. One of the producers has as I say been in touch with us here and I would like to publicly express my thanks to her for her amazing empathy and feeling that she has shown to all those she has spoken too and for her amazing ability to listen and want to learn as much as she can to enable this program to be as accurate as possible and to be as truthful a representation of life with ADHD as possible too. Also for wanting to take the time and effort to explore all avenues of the condition and to treat those she has spoken to with respect and understanding and for also her obvious concern to show that although this condition is hard to live with that also our children have a lot to give and that there are some fantastic positives here if our children are given the correct help and support early enough and correctly to allow them to learn all the skills they need for later life. For her support to those she has spoken to and her desire to bring across some of the truths we all face each day in life in an empathetic way. I really hope that this program will enable us to show others just what it is to life this life with our children 24/7 and also to show how fantastic our children are even though they often come across differently to others. I hope that this program will be a great starting point to dispel all the negative attitudes that are around to our children and the condition of ADHD as a whole. I am sure that it will but this is my hope for the right results!! Caroline



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