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January 7th 2005 site update

Just to say a Very Happy and Peaceful New Year to all our Visitors both old and new and Welcome to the New Look

Thing is as a number of you will know was started in 1998 by Simon and Caroline Hensby, whose son was diagnosed at the age of 12 years - after many years of being told we were bad parents and many years of heartache for Richard and the family as a whole we were at last able to find out exactly what Richards' problems were caused by. He started on a treatment plan and things began to change for the better for us all.

A few years later I, Caroline, was also diagnosed and again things changed for me especially with the treatment plan that was put into place. However a few years later I was also diagnosed with Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis and things began to go downhill again, I was, and still am often in a lot of pain and have mobility problems so this affects not only me but the whole family.

Things started to go pear shaped when last year - 2004 in July I was almost totally immobile due to the Arthritis and a slipped disc and this had some major affects on the family as a whole. To the point that in October 2004 Simon left home for a few days break / holiday and didn't return for about a month and then that was only to say that he was not coming home again to the family home as he had found someone else to share his life with.

Obviously this was quite a shock all round but now we are into a New Year and things move on so I have decided to give the site a sort of face lift which I hope meets with the approval of all my friends both old and new. will continue to provide the same level of information and support as ever and I will endeavour to keep things as up to date as possible as normal during the coming months. Please bear with me though if I am not quite as quick at replying to emails as I have been in the past!

The Achievement Awards will continue to be awarded and it is fantastic to see so many children have been nominated for so many awards - 207 have been awarded since this scheme started in June 2004 and there have also been 8 children nominated over 10 times who have received our Bronze Award and small gift through the post. I really hope that this continues throughout 2005 and that loads more children get nominated and many more reach their 10 nominations - there are even a couple of children who are approaching their Silver Award!!

Caroline Hensby for


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