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January 12th 2007

Sponsered Slim

One of our regular Forum Mums - Lesley aka mummy - has decided that she wants to loose some weight after the Christmas holidays so has started a Sponsered Slim with help from Weight Watchers

Heard from Lesley that she started going to weight watchers on the 3rd January and is aiming to loose 21lbs by 31st March 2007 - She has said that she would like to be sponsored for this in aid of This is really fantastic of you Lesley we really do appreciate this.

Lesley got in touch with me yesterday 11th January to say "I have already got around 65 pledged from friends at work but am hoping to raise more from my friends at adders." also to say that she has already lost 6lb in her first week!

This is really fantastic - Well Done Lesley for doing so well so far

Update 29th April 2007

All the pledge money is now in and it is really fantastic to announce that Lesley has raised a total of 170.50.

That is totally amazing Lesley - Well Done to you for the wonderful amount you have raised for and obviously for the weight you lost for yourself too.

Update 1st April 2007

Well the 31st March has just past and Lesley has informed me that the end of the sponsor diet has arrived - she has actually lost a total of 16 and half pound in this time - she is sorry that she didn't reach her full target of 21lb but she has had a lot of things going on at personal level which has made things difficult over the last couple of weeks.

Thing is as I have said I think she has done fantastic in loosing the amount of 16 and half lb so she should be very proud of herself as all of us here at adders are very proud indeed of how well she has done.

WELL DONE LESLEY you have done fantastic.

So now anyway it is time for all those who sponsored Lesley for an amount per pound to pay up !!

If you follow the links at the bottom of the page to paypal to make your donation to we would all be very grateful

If anyone would like to encourage Lesley in this maybe they could fill out the form below and send it to us here at to pledge your support by sponsoring her a small amount for every pound she looses. She is aiming for a total of 21lb by the end of March 2007

All donations at the end can be sent to us here at either by using PayPal or by sending direct to our land address at 35 Athelstan Road, Margate, Kent CT9 2BE. England. This means that no matter where in the world you are you can still sponsor and support Lesley as PayPal can accept payments from anywhere via a credit card and we can accept other forms of payments as well.

I really hope that many folk will help Lesley in this and send her your encouragement and support and in doing so you are not only helping Lesley but too.

To plot Lesleys progress Click Here

To see list of sponsors so far: Click Here.

Your Name:

Amount per pound:
(please state which):

Your Email Address:
(if you want a reply, please make sure this is correct)

If you wish to just send a fixed amount please state here:

I am Happy to have My Name on the Sponsor List Y or N:

Words of Support for Lesley:

Thank you, please click the Send button to forward this to us. (Please only click this once)

To donate Click the Button Below

If you have a problem making a donation, please click here



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