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Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

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ADEDE Info - "La meta de este sitio es brindar información acerca del Trastorno de Hiperactividad y Déficit de Atención (TDAH) o ADD/ADHD según sus siglas en inglés"

TDAH - "TDAH Support Group in Castelli"

Argentina Support - "Dr. Eduardo Lambardi from Argentina website with some helpful information in Spanish"

Addult Partner - "Addult Partner is a dating site with an objective to help people with ADHD to find healthy, meaningful and understanding relationships."

Simon - "Welcome to the website for adults with Attention Deficit Disorder. There are many adults in Australia who suffer from ADD and like myself are not able to share thoughts and feelings with people with ADD and do not know where to turn to for support. I started this website hoping that people will be able to share feelings and support each other."

ADHD Australia Incorporated - "new ADHD group in Sydney Australia which has information about ad/hd combined ad/hd inattentive, comorbid complaints, treatment, alternative treatments, bipolar, aspergers. We also have a Latest Reserch page which we update each month."

Health Information - "This site was set up as a collaborative GP/Patient project and went live at the end of January this year. We have had over 50,000 hits to the front page. The site advertises nothing, sells nothing and gives no advice (it is a directory only)."

ADDact - ADD/ADHD SUPPORT GROUP for ADHD Support Group Canberra & Queanbeyan Inc.

Mindspace - to help teachers & schools in relation to Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disabilities & other issues that they are confronted with on a daily basis

ADHD Adults - ADHD Adults is a platform designed for tracking and monitoring the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults.

ADHD Adults will allow you to perform pharmacological monitoring, to plan your daily life activities, to measure treatment results and performance or to get a global status overview using our self-assessment questionnaires, as well a direct communication with your doctor.

Brain Resource - "ongoing development of an international database into brain function. A key objective of our efforts is to help determine which children should remain on medication for ADHD."

Website for Benjamin Polis - "I have just turned twenty years old. I have suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) all my life but was not diagnosed until twelve.
When finally diagnosed it was a relief to my parents who always wondered why I was so different. When I was seventeen my mother commented to my doctor that I should write a book on all my memorable and not so memorable achievements. I dismissed this suggestion because I was embarrassed that I had a mental disorder/learning disability/handicap, behavioural problems etc. Two years later with greater maturity and a better understanding of myself I decided that I would write a book. Not just any book, not another doctors handbook full of medical jargon but a book written from a sufferer's perspective, to help those parents and children with this condition."

Simon Leggett dot com - Simon's website for adult ADD sufferers. He wants to write a book about his life, Attention Deficit Disorder and depression in adults and how it affects people. He is looking for any information and/or contacts that he might be able to include in the book. - Australian adult support group site.

Verein für hyperaktive Kinder/ Linz - Verein für hyperaktive Kinder/ Linz

ADAPT - Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit/Hyperaktivitaetsstoerungen - Arbeitsgruppe zur Foerderung von Personen mit AD/HS und Teilleistungsschwaechen

l 'association TDA/H Belgique - "Ce site est consacré à l'hyperactivité et troubles associés. C'est un site belge qui vous permettra je l'espère de trouver les renseignements que vous cherchez ou les réponses à vos questions"

Zit Stil - 'Zit Stil', Heistraat, 321 B-2310 WILRIJK (Belgium) - a support-group for parents with ADHD/ADD children. The webpage is in Dutch. - Tudo sobre TDAH - Transtorno de Deficit de Atencao e Hiperatividade.

Mental Help probaby the most popular psychiatry and ADHD Website in Portuguese.

Transtorno do Déficit de Atenção/Hiperatividade (TDA/H) "O TDA/H é um transtorno bastante freqüente. Tem sido observado em cerca de 3 a 7% das crianças, e em torno de 4% dos adultos."

TDAH Brasileira A ABDA está fazendo o cadastro de médicos e psicólogos especializados em TDAH.

Universo TDAH "O indivíduo que tem TDAH, é inteligente, criativo e intuitivo mas não consegue realizar todo seu potencial em função do transtorno que tem 3 características principais: desatenção, impulsividade e hiperatividade (ou energia nervosa)."

Mental Help - "one of the main Brazilian Web Sites about ADHD."

Top 10 Advantages of Having ADD in a High Tech Career - "I have Attention Deficit Disorder (which I find is more of a surplus really). I coach adults with ADD, have an ADD resource website with over 100 pages of information, an ADD blog, and lead the Vancouver Adult ADD support group. So, I’m fairly familiar with ADD. I’ve been using Mac computers for 20 years, sold them for seven, and have spent thousands of hours on the net. So, I’m fairly familiar with the high tech world."

Does ADHD Really Exist - "Sample Response to a Person with a General Lack of Knowledge of ADD - Sample Response to a Person Who's Strongly Denying ADD Exists - Clinical Evidence of The Existence of ADD as a Real Condition" by Pete Quily - Adult ADD Coach.

PANDA de la MRC L'Assomption. - Website for PANDA Quebec.

Learning Disabilities Association of Québec (LDAQ) - Listing Support Groups and lots more.

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario - Support Group for Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario.

Learning Disabilities Association of Quebec - AQETA - Support Group for Learning Disabilities Association of Quebec - AQETA.

Balmoral Farm - Based in Tatamagouche, NS, the Balmoral Project is a resource for parents and children with many kinds of problems behavioural difficulties (including ADHD), and the stresses of growing up.

ADD-ADHD Support Cyprus ADD-ADHD Support began in 2000 when a group of three mothers, with children who had just been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), and one teacher coping with a challenging AD/HD child in her classroom, got together to offer each other emotional support.

Estonian Support Group - ADD/ADHD Support Group Estonia. Association for Adults with ADHD in Finland The Finnish Association for ADHD, ADD and MBD

Association « HyperSupers - Thada France » - The website for the Association « HyperSupers - Thada France » Support Association.

ADS Forum - German ADD Online Support Forum

Bundesverband Arbeitskreis Überaktives Kind e.V.. - German ADD Website with loads of information and a very comprehensive Support Group list.

AIL - ADD Infoline - Übergreifende Informationen und Kontakte zum Phänomen ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) und seinen Berührungspunkten !

Special Education Greece - "Here you can find useful information with regard to the organisation and operation of our electronic magazine as well as be informed for the last developments on issues special education." There is a lot on here about ADHD as well

Child Mental Health - "informative material for mental illnesses and problems, the reasons that him cause, symptoms, handling and treatments, in simple, not scientific, language." There is a lot on here about ADHD as well - In our web page you will find a lot of articles for parents and children, as well as the forum of" There is a lot on here about ADHD as well

Therapy Associates, Ltd. "ADHD Assessment Center and an ADD Adult Group that meets in Hong Kong."

Quick Minds Skills Development Center - A licensed center of learningrx( program, or international known as brainrx, in a suburb of New Delhi known as Gurgaon. Through brain exercises and cognitive skill development we help people who are between the ages of 6 to 90 and are suffering from ADD, ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome, Autism or people who are generally having problems due weak cognitive skills.

Quick Minds Skills Development Center
D-2/5(Lower Ground), DLF Exclusive Floors, DLF City V, Sector - 53, Gurgaon, Haryana,

Contact Details:
+91-9810149130, +911244035104

Facebook Page

Sangath Centre for Child Development & Family Guidance - Sangath Centre for Child Development & Family Guidance.

ADD/ADHD - INDIA - A discussion group on ADHD in India.

T.R.A.D.D - Website for the Kerry ADD/ADHD Support Group, Republic Of Ireland.

The Child Development Centre - The Child Development Centre Galway. Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Psychology. Specialists in Sensory Integration.

Quiet-ADD - "Is a support e-group for ADDers who are diagnosed with ADD but not hyperactive. This group focuses only in ADD without."

ADHD Adults - "a support forum for adults with ADHD in Hebrew."

AIDAI "Associazione Italiana Disturbi Attenzione E Iperattivita"

AIFA onlus - "Dedicato a chi come noi ha un bambino ADHD e nella solitudine e nella sofferenza che li avvolge possa trovare qui un motivo di speranza...L'Associazione Italiana Famiglie ADHD"

NPO Edison Club - Major Support Group for Japan, "We also sell books regarding ADHD. Moreover, we do counseling, consultation, lectures, monthly meeting with clients and so forth. For further information, people should fax/mail us" Contact details on our Support Group page for Japan

ftf Tokyo - Hunter Brumfit in Tokyo gives details about Dr G Kewleys book for ADHD. Also information about ADHD Support and doing their utmost to provide a service for the locals (Japanese and ex-pats) as well.

Kits4Kids Foundation Malaysia - Kits4Kids Foundation Malaysia started as a private school to assist children with disabilities and disorders. It now operates private centres in major cities in Malaysia. It provides a stimulating and conductive environment for children between 18 months to 18 years old, catering to their individual development and growth.

My Lighthouse - Edmund Hunt is the centre manager for the intellectually challenged in PJ. Called, My Lighthouse, Krista Centre for Special Children, 63 Jalan Templer, Sect.6, (near Assunta Hospital), 46000, Petaling Jaya.

Deficit DeAtencion Mexico - "Somos un grupo de padres y de adultos con déficit de atención e hiperactividad que hemos tenido la fortuna de caminar por este sinuoso camino del TDAH (Trastorno por déficit de atención e hiperactividad) acompañados de verdaderos profesionales que lejos de consejos, mitos y fantasías, han sabido guiarnos para hacer de nuestras vidas algo mejor, más organizado y bajo control."

Adhd - Startpagina Adhd

Neurofeedback-Balanstraining - "Balanstraining biedt Neurofeedback-trainingen aan in Wageningen. Neurofeedback helpt bij ADHD, stress, burn-out en depressie."

Hersenstorm - ADHD bij volwassenen - "Ook zo... intens hartstochtelijk, chaotisch, origineel,creatief, scherpzinnig, gevoelig, avontuurlijk, impulsief en energiek? Dan ben je wellicht ook ADHD. En onbegrepen! Alles over deze hersenstorm en nog veel meer vind je hier."

Balans - "Balans is de landelijke vereniging voor ontwikkelings-, gedrags- en leerproblemen (waaronder ADHD en Dyslexie). Balans is er voor ouders en voor jongeren/volwassenen. Ouders van kinderen met een ontwikkelings-, gedrags- of leerprobleem. Jongeren of volwassenen die zelf met zo'n probleem te kampen hebben."

ADHD bij volwassenen - De site van dr. Sandra Kooij - Sandra Kooij is Dutch most recommended psychatrist for Adult ADHD.

Teen ADDers - "Teenadders is a non-profit organisation working with Teenagers who have AD/HD and their faimiles"

LBCTNZ - Website for the Learning & Behaviour Charitable Trust NZ providing information & support for ADHD/Dyslexia. - was created with the intention of being a "sign post". We point people in the right direction when they are looking for help.

Polish ADHD site This site has loads of information and links to other places for ADHD in Poland.

Polish Support Group ADD-ADHD Support in Polish.

Impreuna - spre o societate pentru toti - "Societatea Româna Speranta este membra a Ligii Nationale a Asociatiilor pentru Sprijinirea Persoanelor cu Handicap Mental din România, a Federatiei Organizatiilor Umanitare, a RENINCO, a Inclusion International" including ADHD.

ADD-ADHD Support Saudi Arabia in Arabic ADD-ADHD Support - this group is in the process of arranging various workshops and meetings.

SPARK Create public awareness of Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Help children with ADD/ADHD and their parents and families cope with the disorder; Promote understanding and research on ADD/ADHD; Give support to ADD/ADHD adults. E Group for ADHD in Singapore.

ADANA ADHD in Barcelona - ADANA FUNDACION in Barcelona.

Trastorno por Déficit de Atención con Hiperactividad - Spanish Support Group

Andy's information page about ADHD - with her own experiences and views on this syndrome."

NeuroNätet - Marie Lundqvists website with information about adhd, damp, Tourettes- and Aspergers syndrom. There is also information about FAS, XXY/Klinefelters syndrom and OCD."

ADD-Online - ADD-Online, great Swiss site in German.

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