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Web Links

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

UK Links

CBeebies Grown-ups - "Bringing up a child with ADHD, an article by Therese Glynn. One mother’s story – how ADHD was diagnosed, how the condition affects her son, and how a local support group became a lifeline."

NeuroKnowHow - "We are an independent Neurodiversity consultancy. We provide Assistive Technology Tutoring and Specialist Support from a team of qualified consultants, tutors and associates. We assess and support adults with neurological differences such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD that can make learning, employment and life an extra challenge."

Ableize HDHD Resources - "Ableize disability directory. Find official ADHD "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)" help, treatment details, advice, diagnosis and symptoms plus practicle advice from parents."

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Blog - "Information and advice on attention deficit hyperactive disorder." A new blog that encourages contributions and in particular would like posts that give advice to parents of ADHD children and any experiences with ADHD diets or ADHD drug regimes.

ADDPlusUK - "Training and consultancy in adult ADHD. Alan Lawrence, BA, BSc, PGCert, RN(MH), NIP, is a fighter for the recognition, correct diagnosis and appropriate yet creative treatment for adults with ADHD. He is the author of "The Three Sided Square", a book (also available as a free ebook) that makes a case for using the construct of expressed emotion and applying it to ADHD."

SenSeAbilities - "Assessing and Diagnosing Children and providing Educational Support to both the child and families for children with neurodevelopment delays from the age of two to ensure that as a rising four and and half year old the child enters their school with all of the support in place. We are about early intervention for children and place the child at the centre working to achieve success."

fire warden training course : Sps engineers Offers fire warden and fire training course for individual and staff in business property

Mad As ADHDers - "Mad As ADHDers is a place for people with ADHD and ASD and those with ADHD and ASD in their families. Through the Message Boards we help each other and share the frustration and the joy that these special people bring to our lives!"

ADDventure Within - "ADDventure Within champions the creativity and energy that comes along with ADHD, and seeks to empower those experiencing the symptoms to learn about themselves in order to achieve their goals. Rebecca Champ is an ADHD Coach specialising in one-to-one coaching, education, and skills training specifically targeted at issues for the symptoms of ADHD. Her service provides support for ADHD adults, their partners, and parents of ADHD children."

ADDISS - ADD Information Services and Support is a registered charity run by Andrea Bilbow. Main stockist of ADD/ADHD books and related material in the UK. Andrea is also the organiser of many of the major conferences in the UK. Keep an eye on our Events Notice Board for details.

Linda Fox - Adult ADHD Coach -"I'm an Adult ADHD Life Coach, Consultant, Speaker & Writer - helping people with ADHD fulfil their potential, achieve their ambitions & live happier more successful lives. Sign up on the Blogsite to recieve your free Ezine "Added Success" full of tips for successfully living with ADHD"

AS~U~R - New website for the support group in Poole in Dorset

Parent Partnership - Website for Parent Partnership organisation. "This site contains information on the work of the National Parent Partnership Network (NPPN), how to contact a local parent partnership organisations as well as various publications."

ADHD Teen Issues - "Website which is very focused on what teenagers want to know."

Me n ADHD - "Hi i have A.D.H.D and have made a website about my life to do with A.D.H.D. My site is about having A.D.H.D from someone who has to live with it everyday, and shows the high's and the lows." - "Addult support group in UK"

National Autistic Society - criminal justice professionals - "National Autistic Society has created a dedicated area of the website with an e-learning tool devised to help raise professional awareness amongst criminal justice professionals at all levels. Sign up to learn more about autism and Asperger syndrome and how it may affect your particular areas of work."

Different Worlds - "We are a group of parents, carers, friends and relatives with a common link. We all have personal experience of Aspergers Syndrome or other Autistic Spectrum Disorders. The group was set up by parents for parents and other carers etc to find, and, offer some badly needed mutual support in this very challenging and often distressing area of daily life"

The Rainbow Group - "The rainbow group is a support group for adults and parents of children who have special needs, such as ADHD, Aspergers, Autism and OCD etc"

Havoc Project - "HAVOC is a club for 12-18 year olds who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder along with their siblings. It is a unique club as its members are the ones that make the rules and prepare a program of events and activities over a period of months. It is overseen by a team of adult volunteers and is currently funded by The Local Network Fund. Members come from the local support group –The Bay ADDLink. Members have created their own Code of Good Behaviour and run their group in a fair and democratic way."

Adult ADD (Attention Defecit Disorder) - "Rachels site for Adult ADD - basically about how I learnt about ADD and my battles with obtaining a diagnosis, etc.."

RUSH Nottingham Support Group - "We are a group of parents and carers who have successfully set up a Voluntary Self Help Group in Nottingham, for parents and carers of children who have been diagnosed with the medical condition known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other secondary conditions."

Debs site for the Calverton Support Group UK - "We are a friendly, informal group of parents, based in the Calverton area of Nottinghamshire, and have one main thing in common, our children have various special needs; Because while all children are special, ours are extra special."

ADDvice - "This site has been set up to offer support and advice to families,like ours,where ADD/ADHD plays a major part in everyday life."

Barnsley Support Group - "Hello and welcome to ADHD-BARNSLEY, I started this group about ADHD in Barnsley, as there does not seem to be much in the way of parental support, My name is Liz and I am your group manager together with my husband Simon. I am also a qualified (IPS) Independant Parental Supporter although do not work for Parent Partnership anymore. We both live in South Yorkshire, we have two wonderful children Ryan aged 11 who has ADHD and Jessica our daughter aged 9 years. This group will hopefully provide help, support and parenting skills to those like us who struggle from time to time living with a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder."

Special Educational Needs - "I'm the adoptive mum of four siblings all of whom have turned out to be ASD with combined difficulties of ADHD, SPD, ADP, Dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc. All diagnosed very late after huge battles with authority (my youngest was diagnosed last summer when he was 16 and suicidal!) I have written a book to help other parents. Please look at my web site. I'd like to put a link to Adders and would love you to mention my book and link to my site. 'Surviving the Special Educational Needs System: How to be a Velvet Bulldozer,' published by Jessica Kingsley Publishing in late 04. Receiving very good reviews particularly from frazzled parents (I am one of those frazzled ones so sympathise with all). "

Sussex ADHD Support Group - New Site for the well established Sussex ADHD Support Group - Support Group for South Sheffield.

Bexley SNAP - The website is a support site for Bexley Special Needs Access to Provision and one of the areas of support that SNAP provide is to parents of children with ADD/ADHD

BBC Ouch by Anna Rosevear - with amusing stories of ADDult ADD/ADHD - Excellent site - Share her thoughts and see how this affects those adults with the condition first hand but in a very humongous way

International Adult ADD Meetup - "AAdult ADD Meetups can happen in up to 604 cities worldwide on the same day. Enter your location to find the one near you:"

Justice In Education - "This site has been set up so that the general public can see first hand just how unfair and inadequate our education system is"

Learning with Neurofeedback - "Neurofeedback is a unique method of training the brain to work to its full potential by strengthening existing neural connections or establishing new connections."

Blog Spot - Journal of a person with ADD

ADHD Suffolk - Website for The Suffolk Support Group in Ipswich

UK ADHD chat room support group - "UK ADHD chat room support group".

Cheeky Monkeys - "We support children with special needs such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Aspergers and many others also the parents who are often forgotten". Based in Norwich

ADHD Support Group Gateshead - Website for The ADHD Support Group Gateshead

CBH World - Chris is 14 year old AD/HDer "I also have got AS I live in the UK and I created my site on my own using nothing notepad and my programing skills. I've also been doing cartoons for a national news paper since I was twelve, programing is a hobbie at present I'm learning C++ to create real programs."

ADDUniversity - "The aim of this site is to try and help other university students with ADD and to try and educate British Universities about this condition."

Ayrshire Support Group - Support Group for Ayrshire.

Henry Spink Foundation - "We offer information (fact sheets) on Comp. and alternative therapies. Our aim is to help parents with children with learning difficulties and disabilties. With regards to ADHD we provide information on therapies that may help children who have this condition"

Bromley ADDvice - The new website by Lorni for finding help & information about ADD in Bromley.

Lincolnshire ADHD Support Group - The new website for the Lincolnshire ADHD Support Group.

ADHD and Co-morbids of support group - The website for ADHD and Co-morbids of, support group in Basildon.

ADDing Support - The website for ADDing Support Group, Essex.

Ryegate AD(H)D Support Group - The website for the Ryegate AD(H)D Support Group.

Andys space for hyperactivity - Featuring Art Work by Andys son Chris.

Salford and Greater Manchester ADD, ADHD and Related Syndromes Family Support Centre - The new website for the Salford and Greater Manchester ADD, ADHD and Related Syndromes Family Support Centre

Milton Keynes AD/HD Family Support Group - Milton Keynes AD/HD Support Group website. This site has loads of information, a chat room for kids and one for adults and parents, it's own ADHD e-group and more.

ADD Contact - Site run by Gina, details of ADD Contact Newsletter and yahoo group and information.

Worcestershire ADHD Support Group - The new website for the Worcester ADHD Support Group

Y.AD/HD.PM (Young ADD & ADHD People Matter) - New website by popular young UK adder and poet Leanne Howard. The first site we've come across especially for young adders.

The Hyperactive Children's Support Group - The HACSG do not advocate the use of drugs. They have information on a range of natural remedies including evening primrose oil and zinc supplement.

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