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ADD/ADHD Online Information

ADD/ADHD Information


Since starting our group we have found that a number of children are being educated at home, having either been excluded and/or awaiting a place in a suitable school. In addition, many sufferers of ADD/ADHD, both children and adults, may also have learning problems where extra help is needed. We hope to provide some practical low cost or free help in this section.

Software and other places for help

ConquerMaths Jane from ConquerMaths writes; "You may already know of ConquerMaths, the online maths resource used in thousands of schools and homes in the UK and beyond.

We are successful because it works - anybody can use ConquerMaths, whatever their level of skill or knowledge. I am contacting you because we have had so much positive feedback from parents and teachers of children with special educational needs - and from the kids themselves! - that I thought you might like to take a look at what we offer.

Our website explains it better than I can, so I've shown a link here: Overview -

For private subscriptions (families/individuals) the normal cost is £99.00 per year for one student inc VAT, but we can offer 40% discount to SEN users. On the sign-up page of our website, there is a voucher code box, and the code to use is SPECNEEDS. (This is not in fact case-sensitive, I just wanted to highlight it!)

There is a different pricing structure for schools and learning centres, and they would need to contact us to discuss pricing."

Grey Olltwit Educational Software Over 200 programs for all abilities including those with ADHD, concentration difficulties and other Special Educational Needs. A selection of their free educational programs can be found at

Good School Guide here you can look for schools by name or location and see what SEN provision and how much experience they have in certain conditions a very useful resource.

Kaboose is an excellent source of information and links to freeware, shareware and commercial programmes for youngsters. All reviewed and categorised.

Other Resources

Teaching Children With ADHD: Classroom Strategies To Engage The Easily Distracted Excellent article including 20 very useful classroom strategies for engaging students.

Quiz Tree It contains dozens of interactive quizzes on topics such as Elementary Math, Fractions, Spanish, Geography, SAT Verbal and Spelling. Some of the quizzes include audio clips and graphics. All quizzes feature animated interface, feedback sounds and other enhancements that make learning more enjoyable.

Let's Home School Angie's Home Schooling page with loads of really helpful information and links to masses of free stuff

Home Education Advisory Service "The Home Education Advisory service is a registered charity that gives advice, information and support to parents who are educating their children at home. They produce a range of publications and leaflets and provide consultancy services to professionals. Subscribers to HEAS receive a quarterly magazine, regional membership lists and access to the HEAS Advice Line."

DC Educational Services "DC educational services is dedicated to providing high quality educational and psychological services to children and families. Our mission is to provide people with the information and assistance needed to reach their educational goals and to increase community understanding of the needs of individuals with learning difficulties by using solution-oriented methods to address those needs."

U P S T A R T S "Educational, Rewarding and most of all FUN THEATRE GROUPS, TRAINING AND WORKSHOPS"

Educational Software "An annotated directory of educational software and technology resources"

Special Needs Assessment Profile (SNAP)

"A new website which will be a major resource for special needs professionals working with 5-14 year olds with specific learning difficulties. It links specifically to the new, computer-aided Special Needs Assessment Profile (SNAP), while providing a general-purpose resource in which your own organisation and/or materials are referenced, with a web link"

Resources for Teachers of Basic Skills

Bill Straub's lesson plans, software, and links to other resources for teachers of people with developmental disabilities. Includes Bill's own freeware educational programs.

Teachers Closet

"Teachers Closet is a recently updated website built by teachers for teachers. It contains a number of pages that offer great information and resources for classrooms. You can find pages about using technology in the classroom, new teacher advice, classroom discipline strategies and solutions, building a classroom website, and more."

Northside College

"We are a small private school based in Québec, Canada. Our student all originate from the UK and have come to us, for one reason or another, mostly looking for an alternative to larger British Boarding schools. Our student : staff ratio is excellent (12:12) and many parents have found this a congenial environement for students with dyslexia, ADD and ADHD."

Learning Packs

Access 2,000 British school and college worksheets from more than 100 national curriculum workbooks.


features a mix of comprehensive information to help parents and has a campaigning edge for improving provision in special educational needs.

Jolly Joice co uk!

Compiled by a Primary school teacher and ICT co-ordinator of a school in the UK this is a great list of freeware programs available for download on the net.


The materials on this site are primarily there to help you if you are preparing to take your Canadian citizenship test but it is also an excellent resource if you are studying Canada or just covering it for a project. It is packed full of easy to read facts and figures.

The A+ FREE Educational Software Review

"This is a new email group service that helps parents and educators find the best no-cost educational software for children."

Inclusive Science and Special Educational Needs (ISSEN)

"This is from the ASE/NASEN collaborative project and features resources, articles, relevant policy statements, and details of the email discussion group. Please feel free to pass on these details to anyone who may be interested."


"Educational word game --- ideal aid for teaching the English language: Questique is a unique strategy crossword board game that can be played in a home, school or further educational environment."

Student Approved Teacher Alliance (SAT Alliance)

"The Student Approved Teacher Alliance (SAT Alliance), an educational 501©3 not-for-profit organization is committed to using innovative educational techniques in order to give every child an equal opportunity at life. Our premiere program will be the introduction of our Tutor/Mentor/Teachers which will be utilizing a technique called physio-neuro therapy"

"Free Touch Typing Program"

Australian Parent Reading Program

"This is the official website for 'UNLOCK THE KEY TO READING', a parent-friendly reading program developed by two Australian special education teachers with a combined teaching experience of 35 years."

PCs for Kids

"Educational Assistance Program for Less Fortunate"

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Education Otherwise

"A UK-based membership organisation which provides support and information for families whose children are being educated outside school, and for those who wish to uphold the freedom of families to take proper responsibility for the education of their children."

Cambridge Learning, Seriously Fun Software

The best educational software and family computer games, available by mail order or visit the shop where you can try over 400 CD ROMs for free. Parents, teachers and students of all ages welcome. Open 6 days a week (closed Mondays). Address: Cambridge Learning, New Road, Barton, Cambridge, CB3 7BH, Tel: 01223 262777, Fax: 01223 262161


An extremely useful resource for information on education in Scotland.


Pete and Pam Wright's excellent resource for US..." Parents, advocates, educators, and attorneys who come to Wrightslaw for accurate, up-to-date information about effective advocacy for children with disabilities. You'll find hundreds of articles, cases, newsletters, and other information about special education law and advocacy in the Wrightslaw Libraries. Download the NEW IDEA Compliance Report - with 100s of links and information about each state."

The Internet Public Library - The Reading Room

All manner of books and other texts that are freely available over the Internet. Browsable and searchable by author, title, or Dewey subject.

Educate Online

Educate online is run by Chris Smith (a home educator) from Weston-super-Mare. Includes some excellent resources for home educators.

RHL School

"The one and only place on the Web to get hundreds of free quality worksheets for teaching, reinforcement, and review."


Register to get FREE weekly copies of Fundango's ezine for kids - a weekly magazine delivered to your computer by email. It's full of ways to have fun while you make discoveries about the world around you. You'll be able to follow the weekly adventures of Inspector Whatt, who asks you to help unravel an ongoing mystery. The ezine is also packed with chances to win prizes.

Study Web

This site is a place for anyone doing research to find the information they need as easily as possible. The categories are sorted according to the approximate appropriate grade level which makes them valuable tools for teachers looking for lesson plan and curriculum ideas. The information for each topic also notes the presence of downloadable or printable images for use as visual aids of school reports or projects. The variety of subjects and categories should allow most users to narrow in on a topic for a report, find background material for a story, begin research for a paper or just increase their knowledge of a particular topic.

The Satellite School

If you are home schooling in the UK, it is possible to get your LEA to fund The Satellite School. Note the word "possible", as it is not necessarily easy and varies between LEA's, but then nothing involving an LEA is ever easy, well not the ones we've come across anyway. Here's what The Satellite School say about themselves.....
"If you’re a parent, or a professional involved with children who are not receiving a full-time school education then you’ll be interested in Satellite School's new and proven solution to their educational problems. We offer a full-time education, following the UK National Curriculum, for the chronic sick (including ME/CFS sufferers), pupils recovering from illness/injury, special needs, school-phobics, excluded pupils, and children whose parents prefer home education."

Ask Jeeves for Kids(tm)

"Ask Jeeves for Kids(tm) is the fastest and easiest way to find answers to questions. Ask Jeeves for Kids allows you to ask a question in plain English and, after interacting with you to confirm the question, Ask Jeeves for Kids takes you to one and only one web site that answers your question."

The Worksheet Factory

The Worksheet Factory has an excellent free dowload which generates math worksheets. They have fun jokes and clipart. The delux version also has decimals,money and magic squares but,you are limited 30 goes.

Tutorial World
Free worksheets available.

School Express
Free worksheets available, plus a host of other educational resources.

Hot Potatoes

"Hot Potatoes" is a free download which generates 6 types of quizes for use in web pages. has workbooks, flashcards, study guides, and other educational tools for students with learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder, for sale online.

Gnarly Math

Monty Phister's useful site to get folks interested in Math.

U.K. Home Teaching Webpage

Useful list of resources for UK home educators.

Website of a group of UK Educational Psychologists providing information and consultations via email. Please note this is not a free service. "...Work with an educational psychologist via e-mail advice and joint problem solving. Problems with: Reading, writing, spelling, specific learning difficulties/dyslexia, behaviour, ADD and ADHD, general learning difficulties, language delay and disorder, physical difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders, other disorders and syndromes."


"Web portal for educators"

Mr. Baldwin's School Library

"A vast library of academic resources for Students, Teachers & Parents! Where you can find Absolutely Everything you need for school!"

SEN Teacher Resources

"Resources, freeware downloads, links and documents for those involved in the education of pupils with severe learning difficulties, autism and other developmental disabilities."

National Education & Training Services

"National Education and Training Services (NETS) is an organisation devoted to the development and supply of high quality products and services to business and the education sector in Australia and the Asia Pacific region."

Inclusive Solutions

"'CIRCLE OF FRIENDS' (1999) by Derek Wilson and Colin Newton. 'Circles of Friends' provides a step-by-step approach to setting up peer supports and harnessing the problem solving skills of the most natural resource available to schools - other children"


"Cybersoftware educational software supplier, where you can buy childrens and educational cd-roms, well known educational software such as reader rabbit, satsoft, dorling kindersley offered at prices well below those of the high street. "

How To Make Your Own Web Page

There is little doubt that the Internet will form a greater part of our working lives in the future as more and more people find themselves working from home. If you're reading this, then you've probably got an Internet Account with someone who provides free web space for your own pages. Why not use this to get your children designing and publishing their own websites giving them an undoubted headstart. My page above (originally made in response to requests I received) will give you some handy information to get you started.

Helpful Information

How Schools Can Help ADD/ADHD Children

Help With The U.K. Educational Statementing Process

Having Problems With A U.K. School - Here Are Some Places To Get Help

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