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By Sarah-Jayne Bass (formerly Caroline Hensby)

Since setting up Thanet ADDers in January, one of our main aims has been to make professionals and the general public more aware of ADD/ADHD and it's effect on both sufferers and their families.

Apart from writing to schools, doctors, health organisations etc., in the area, we also wrote to local newspapers, radio stations and Meridian Television. We were greatly encouraged, when in less than two weeks, a researcher from Meridian contacted us to say that the programme, 3 Minutes, wanted to show a feature on ADD/ADHD. We therefore gave him various contact numbers including, ADD/ADHD Family Support Group U.K., LADDER and ADDNet U.K.

The researcher then 'phoned the following day to ask me some personal questions about how it felt to have a child with ADD and what effect it had had on our family.

On 24th February the researcher 'phoned again to see if Richard (our ADD son) would give him an interview over the 'phone and if he would be prepared to appear infront of the camera with me (Mum), as the producer would like us to present 'A family effect of ADD' sometime soon.

The programme on Meridian called 'Three Minutes' was shown on 1st April at 5.37 p.m. On Monday 17th March, Meridian were with us again to record a news item for 'Meridian Tonight', which was shown on Friday 4th April at 6.00 p.m. We have a video of both, so if you're really desperate to see them, email by clicking here for details.

BBC Radio Kent have also been in touch and we appeared on the Barbara Sturgeon programme at 11.50 a.m. on Tuesday 18th March. During a short interview, Barbara asked us about ADD and Thanet ADDers. Richard was included in the discussion and was very good, letting the listeners know a little about what it was like suffering from ADD as a twelve year old boy. We were able to give brief details of our group and of Thom Hartmann's talk on 5th April, as well as giving a little idea of our experiences with Richard. Many thanks to Barbara Sturgeon, for allowing us the opportunity to raise awareness in this way. Our details have been entered into the fact file for March, kept by the programme. A number of calls were waiting to be answered on our machine when we returned home.

We were invited back onto the Barbara Sturgeon programme on 5th August, where we were able to give an update on our progress as a group to date.

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