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Beyond ADD : Hunting for Reasons in the Past & Present by Thom Hartmann

One of my favourite Thom Hartmann books, this was also on e of the first I ever read abut ADD. Although Thom has now compiled his Complete Guide to ADD which incorporates many of the points which were in his other books, this one particular book still stands out for me as my all time best.

It had so much impact on me when I read first, it put so much into perspective about my past and my relationship wit my son who had recently been diagnosed. There are a couple of things in the book, only small references maybe, but they are fixed in my brain forever.

One is to do with how, why and when the school systems changed - in mid 1800s owners of factories, mines farms etc, needed compliant workers - They looked to Prussia where in 1819 there was a huge need for soldiers, people who would take orders without question. The King ordered that all children should attend school, they were to be taught to obey orders and by removing them from continual parental influence, the state was able to fulfil it's goal. Therefore by mid 1800s other countries that needed people to work and obey orders started to use this method.

Sounds like a good idea in principle - all children got an education - but the underlying goal is not so great. Also if this system was going to work the children had to conform - Not Good for us Hunters (ADDers).

I have strongly believed since reading Thoms' wonderful and easy to understand explanation of this that we all need to understand this background and work towards a better system, one geared to the needs of the child not the system.

So much encouragement from a small section of a great book, so much inspiration this has given me, so much fight and longing to change things.

The other part, which means so much, is again a fairly small snippet. Thom talks about the need to feel alive. The certain reactions in the brain, in particular the Thalamus, made so much sense. Not only could I understand a bit more of some of the technical things which had been said in the past, but I could relate to how Thom wrote about the need to feel alive in yourself. If our brain needs that bit extra to help us feel this we impulsively do something to kick-start the feelings - a child pulls another's hair - no reason - just does it - they feel alive again.

Sarah-Jayne Bass (formerly Caroline Hensby) -

For more information click here Thom Hartmann Site

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