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The Social Skills Game (Lifegames)

by Yvonne Searkle & Isabelle Streng

This game has been used at my sons special school unit. The following are reviews by 3 of the teachers and 2 of the pupils at the school.

The game has had a very positive response from both staff and pupils.

Sarah-Jayne Bass (formerly Caroline Hensby) -

Rosie, Teacher in Charge writes:

Although children have to face up to and deal with the issues that are raised, the game ends on a good note, with a happy atmosphere and a feeling of well being.

It is certainly good for identifying topics that require further work in the classroom and allows the child to address these issues in a controlled and supportive environment. The game maintains interest as it continues to be relevant to the child's developing needs week by week.

I agree with Richard, it is easy to use because the contents are well made and the cards laminated.

Shara, pupil writes:

I like to play it.

I like the communication cards.

It helped me to not be so shy.

Richard, pupil writes:

I like the game because it is fun playing with a group and it is very interesting and exciting.

You do lots of things like shouting and jumping and lots, lots more.

The board is a bit confusing because it is like a snake going around and all the shapes are nearly touching each other.

It is fun and an enjoyable game.

Sam, teacher writes:

The game proved to be both fun and rewarding.

The questions were well worded and helped explain some difficult concepts such as assertiveness and aggression.

It enabled the children to talk about their feelings and express themselves in a safe, fun way.

I feel that it is important for adults to play the game with children as explanations of words is sometimes needed.

The Social Skills Game succeeded in coupling the competitiveness of game-play with therapeutic approach.

Sally, teacher writes:

I found the game very useful. It helped the pupils to express their feelings and gain confidence in dealing with different issues. The more the game was played the more confident the children were in giving their answers and talking to the group.

I feel it is a very good game for expressing positive and negative feelings. It also helped them to understand through role-play.

The memory games were good for concentration.

It is a game I would like to see played every week.

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