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by ViBAN Corporation

A unique resource ViBAN is a screen to help block out unwanted distractions.

A sort of cross between glasses and sun visor and worn like glasses ViBAN can be used by people who wear glasses as it will fit over the top with the use of the bars which go over the ears to keep in place. It can also be worn by those who do not wear glasses as it comes with a nosepiece, which means that the shield can then be worn as glasses to keep in place.

Made from high-tech polymer in black this is very strong and lightweight.

The idea is that by shielding the eyes from both above and the side any external stimulus is removed which enables the person to focus on the task in hand more easily without being distracted.

This is a great idea for those of us with ADD/ADHD especially when having to focus on a text or computer screen or for children who have problems staying on task in class because they are constantly distracted away from the work in hand by things going on within their peripheral vision.

I must admit that some children may feel a bit awkward when first using ViBAN as it is obvious to others rather than being something which you can hide but it is no different to the child who has to wear glasses to enable them to see clearer.

I think this could be a very useful item for those children who are constantly distracted in class and being nagged at for this, also a great idea for those who work in a office and find it difficult to maintain concentration on the work they are supposed to be doing.

A very useful idea for children in school is to give them like a cubbyhole round their desk to shut out external distractions, again this does make the child feel very different. However with ViBAN this would mean that they actually wear the shield rather than sit behind it so it would enable them to feel more like part of the main class.

ViBAN comes with a hard wearing carry case to keep it protected when not in use so it makes it a very competitive option and long lasting.

Can also be used by those who find the motion of the car and the external stimuli distracting when travelling, by pilots who are able to use it under normal headgear and also I gather by golfers and instructors as it can filter out external stimulus and help improve golf swing.

Sarah-Jayne Bass (formerly Caroline Hensby) -

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