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What Can a Parent Do?: Practical Skills to Help Parents be More Responsible and Effective
by Michael and Terri Quinn

I have only seen this handbook which is part of complete resource kit which includes a video and facilitators handbook to enable the 6-8 week course to be run for parents of teenagers called "parenting teenagers programmes".

I would have liked to be able to review the whole package as her feel that it would have been of great benefit to add as a whole resource.

However handbook does give a good insight into the basis of their course. It is divided into chapters - each to address one of the major issues addressed in the parenting programme.

This handbook is we use in parenting skills courses for parents of children aged 5 to 15 however could also be useful to individual parents who wish to learn more about their own children.

Starting with the UN convention on the rights of the child there is a list of some of the highlights of the children's rights and also list of rights we as parents have.

The programme goes on to discuss issues to help with understanding what your child is searching for and how to become a responsible parent - looking at encouragement, listening, communication, disciplined and talking together. With useful exercises to enhance and build on what has been discussed and learned.

Very challenging in the fact that it takes parents on their journey of learning to see things from their child's viewpoint and helping them to build upon successful relationships with a child through learning the art of better communication.

On its own this handbook is really useful for anyone who wishes to help young people take charge of their own lives. With the complete resource pack I would think it was an ideal package for all those working with young people.

Handbook shows that the programme is designed to stimulate discussion among all parents who attend who will be varied and from all walks of life. Ideas and strategies, which have worked for some parent in the past, may be helpful to others in the group.

I think this would be a really useful programmes - at least if the handbook is anything to go by, for use by support groups or other organisations working with young people.

The handbook itself is a great resource for individuals or organisations on it's own.

Sarah-Jayne Bass (formerly Caroline Hensby) -

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