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Let's Be Clear
by Home Farm Trust

A guide to good communication.

The poem by Canadian student with SEN it at the heart of this video training pack. It starts: -

"To work with me
You have to listen to me
You can't just listen with your ears "

This is indeed the case for those working with adolescents and adults with SEN. We need to learn how to listen not only to what he said that how it is said and looked for any underlying inferences.

This is why this video is so ideal, it looks at the problem of communication for those with L.D. unless we are able to communicate properly it is easy for confusion of mistakes to happen.

This video observes a number of different methods of communication and demonstrates how these can each be effective in everyday situations. The video comes with a book of notes on each section to enable and encourage discussion.

There are 5 exercises, the first his full discussion if you're watching a video to discuss with those who are working with people we LD about how they think we communicate. This stimulates us to look further than verbalisation but into body language, gestures, tones, expressions, writing and so on.

The following exercises are each linked to a scene in the video. After he'd seen it is suggested to stop the video and discuss the main issue/topic of the scene.

At the end it is suggested that staff are asked if they recognise some of the common mistakes made by people when communicating with people with L.D. This enables discussion of the problems and encourages looking at ways these can be overcome or improved on.

Finishing the booklet is a list of tips for good communication.

I decided to take a challenge and see if I could add to what was there from what I had learnt from the video. It was difficult as they already had most things that I had thought of there. However from having a child who is now a team with LD and ADHD I think I can add at least 2 things to the list, to keep eye contact as much as possible when speaking and twice the person to explain any instructions back to you in their own words so that you know they have understood you.

I to fully agree with the tips which are there and feel it especially needed to understand as much about the person you are communicating with as possible. To understand their level of understanding and to really showed it you feel they are worth as much as everyone else in society.

Brilliant resource, ideal for in-house training and staff awareness would also great for many others who come into regular contact with those with LD to encourage intrusion into society for those who are seen as different.

Sarah-Jayne Bass (formerly Caroline Hensby) -

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