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Light Bytes
by Summerfield Publishing

An interactive course for teaching basic skills.

Mainly for secondary schoolchildren who have retention problems or no reading skills. Although this would also be of use and help for the primary age group as it helps all children to learn basic skills and ICT.

The whole pack includes the teacher's manual/guide which is clearly set out to guide through the whole course from installation to completion. Covering all units of course from basic computer set-up, keyboard layout skills which includes games to enhance accuracy and typing skills, the more complex uses of computers to help learn data, word processing, hard drive, floppy disc, CD-ROM, Internet, modems, printers and more.

The complete resource also includes student books, photocopyable worksheets and CD-ROM.

This makes it a totally unique for learning ICT skills and basic skills. Ideal for all schools and also for home use where children and parents can work together to enhance the whole learning experience. Children and parents can work together to learn more about ICT and parents can use this to help their children improve their basic skills in such a way that it is fun and the child will gain so much from the interaction and fun on the computer with their parents that they were hardly realise they are in fact learning. This means that they won't feel that they are doing schoolwork at home they will be having fun that learning at the same time.

I know from my own experiences that when my children came home from school the last thing they wanted was for mum or dad to sit with them at the computer to do more learning. In fact I used to feel the same way as a child.

However, with Light Bytes learning can be fun and therefore not a chore or sort of home punishment.

The fact that this can be used at home, even though it is suggested as a school programme, the child conceived consistency in learning. This shortcuts the huge problem parents have when looking for software for the home computer as this programme provides the link from school so parents can be assured that they have a programme which will not only help their child but will be in step with what is being taught at school.

Ideal package at reasonable price. Great for schools and home, licences are needed for single or more to use.

Sarah-Jayne Bass (formerly Caroline Hensby) -

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