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Journeys Through ADDulthood by Sari Solden

I feel very privileged to have received an advance copy of this wonderful, enlightening and extremely helpful new book by Sari Solden. I truly enjoyed Sari's other book "Women With Attention Deficit Disorder" which I found amazing in its practical and frank approach and helpful strategies. Written by a female for other women Sari showed true compassion and understanding that shone throughout.

In this new book Sari does not just focus on Women but men as well. She uses real examples throughout the book by following 2 men and 2 women along with what Sari calls "their own personal journeys of life with ADD/ADHD." Which, combined with her own personal knowledge and understanding, makes unbeatable reading for those who want to find out and understand more of how living with the condition can affect those of us with ADD/ADHD and for us living this life this book talks about all the various stages and feelings which are encountered along the way.

Sari takes each stage and explains about the various feelings we have and how to use various strategies to learn how to fully accept each stage so that we can move confidently on to the next until we have a full understanding and a full acceptance of ADD/ADHD.

Through this process we can all learn how to maximise our full potential by implementing some or all of the various strategies and techniques. Sari explains throughout how we need to embrace our differences and use them in a positive way. By doing this we can accept who we truly are and can reach our individual true potential in life.

Encouraging practical and essential reading for everyone especially those who are trying to come to terms with events and find a way of enhancing their lives.

Sari comes across to the reader as knowing how we can all feel about many things. It is rare to be able to feel that someone really does know how you feel when things are tough, we all think how can they know how I feel unless they have done this themselves. Often when reading a book I feel the author is giving advice but is detached in their thinking. Sari however is not afraid to let her own personal experiences and feelings come through, this made me truly believe "she knows how I feel." By doing this I felt that I could gain so much and felt as if I was not the only person to feel/experience certain things.

Through her warmth, knowledge, humour and strength Sari has done so much to enhance lives a remarkable person and remarkable book. Many thanks Sari for allowing me the privilege of learning more about myself.

Sarah-Jayne Bass (formerly Caroline Hensby) -

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