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Special Educational Needs and the Internet: Issues for the Inclusive Classroom
by Chris Abbott

An enlightening book which explores the continual rise in the use of the vast amount of valuable information which is now on the Internet. Becoming increasingly popular now in the UR more people are realising hoe powerful a tool this is for resources for education as a whole and the enormous amount of resources there are for SEN.

Schools need to be made more aware and be given more resources and training for how to use this wonderful and extensive range of information, resources and programmes which which are on offer from all over the world at the click of a button. Training for staff in how to incorporate this into special needs education will give our special children wider and more varied information and programmes which will enhance their learning and increase their future development and potential.

ICT is now becoming a more necessary skill for future employment and with its increased use within SEN gives these children far more chances to go into the adult world on a more level playing field.

The book discusses the Internet as a whole how to gather information along with using the Internet for communication by email and other forums.

The author also discusses policy and management issues for schools along with current theory and debates practical guidance with the use of some wonderfully inspiring case studies.

Not only does the author look at a larger sites which are now beginning to incorporate areas which are accessible to those with special needs he also looks at the increasing need by those children with SEN and their parents to find support among others who experience the same or similar problems. As an example of this we were pleased and surprised to find a reference to us in here at - the author uses our Chat Room as an example for where people can find support he also acknowledges that we are conscious of the hazard's of the chat rooms for under 16's, he says "one site, offers a chat room for people with ADD/ADHD. This is aimed at people over 16 with guidance notes specifying this." Maybe I should get in contact with Mr Abbott to see if he has explored the rest of our site including the large freeware side for free Educational Programs which we know are used in many SEN and mainstream school world-wide! Chat room no longer running - Ed

An essential book which should be on every school shelf - also great parents also who want to know more.

Sarah-Jayne Bass (formerly Caroline Hensby) -

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