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Bouncy Bands

Bouncy Bands - Carolyn Lord of Wiggle Fidgets wrote to us about Bouncy Bands.....
Hi, We have become the first UK company to stock Bouncy Bands which are already being used by thousands of children in US classrooms. We have asked various Sencos, Children's OT's and organisations such as the ADHD Foundation to trial them. Our first review is as follows:

'Child A (Year 4) typically out of his chair 5-10 times a session. Poor attention and only sits on his knees on a chair. Day 1 Decided that using the band on the chair would mean that Child A would have to tuck his legs under too much so stretched the band over the end legs of a rectangular table.

Introduced the band 5 minutes before afternoon sessions started. He sat properly straight away. His reaction - 'so I can bounce on it as much as I like? It's mint. It's well comfy' He sat in his place for the whole session (1 hour) and didn't raise his legs once! He was actively engaged throughout! We observed periods of quite frantic bouncing but he seemed oblivious.

Obviously it is day 1 but I am thrilled at the immediate impact. We are going to monitor now for 2 weeks before reviewing. The teacher was thrilled. She's tried lots of strategies with this child so she's made up that she's now seen what he's capable of. Thank you so much for allowing me to try one. I'd say Child A has had the most positive afternoon he's had in a long time!'

A week or so later we had an update...

The band is going great! He had one 'off' afternoon when the class didn't have its own teacher. When he was asked about it he said 'I didn't have my band'. School has now made sure that EVERYONE knows about his band! It's nothing short of a miracle for this lad.

As mentioned Bouncy Bands are not actually a new product. They have been used by thousands of children in the US for the last 2-3 years. We are the first retailers in the UK and have full backing from Bouncy Bands in the US. Our aim at the moment is to raise awareness of the product and show schools, Sencos and teachers how easy they are to fit. Most importantly, we want to show parents and the children that there are options when it comes to needing to move whilst trying to focus. We discovered Bouncy Bands after searching a long time for something suitable for our own child. (We tried the theraband and pretty much everything else on the UK market!)

We sell Bouncy Band desks and Bouncy Band chairs. There is a lot of information about them on our Wiggle Fidgets facebook page and on our Ebay links. Bouncy Bands for CHAIR. Great for ADHD Autism SPD Or Active kids! Easy To Fit!

Additional information, (including several Awards won) is on the US website although they do not ship to the UK.

Many Thanks
Carolyn Lord
Wiggle Fidgets

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