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Thanet ADDers Newsletter

Volume 2, Number 3, August '98

Important, Please Note

This is a copy of our local group's paper newsletter sent out to members of Thanet ADDers. For our main online homepage click here for Much will have happened since this newsletter was sent out, so check for up to date information.

First of all apologies for the double Newsletter and subsequent changes. This has been due to both ill health and the lack of funds for postage. If funds are not forthcoming the Newsletter will be quarterly rather than bi-monthly in the future.

Great News

We have managed to obtain a grant towards an outing to Chessington World Of Adventure, from Dave Lee’s Happy Holidays again, so our very grateful thanks goes to them once more. It’s not as large as the grant we received last year so places will be limited and the cost per head will be slightly more but it still represents excellent value at £7.50 per head (under 4’s sitting on laps, free) as opposed to the actual cost of £23.50, as coach travel is included. Please fill in the slip on the previous newsletter and send with the full amount before 7th August 1998. We regret we will be unable to accept requests later than this.

Talk By Dr.Nayak

We have arranged for Dr Nayak to come to talk to us again with the emphasis on “ADD and Teenagers”. The date for this talk will be the 14th October, we need to know in advance how many people will be attending so that we can find an alternate venue if necessary. The cost for the evening will be £2 per head to cover expenses. Please complete the reply slip on the previous newsletter and return it to us by 31st August if you would like to attend.

Talk By Joyce Fain

September 14th 1998 we will be arranging a talk by guest speaker Joyce Fain. Joyce is involved with special schools in the U.S.A. for children with various special needs including those with ADHD. Joyce and her colleagues are hoping to set up a similar project in the UK and she will be speaking about the education of children with ADHD. More details will be sent out as soon as available.


Following the generosity of the Ipex Corporation in the United States, Thanet ADDers on-line will shortly be moving to new unlimited web space and a new address of I hope this will happen within the next two weeks. Thanet ADDers web sites now help people all over the world with over 1,200 visitors a day. All our information sheets and a lot more are available on the web site currently at as well as a varied selection of freeware programmes available to download from simple screen savers to games and educational applications for the PC. Most have been produced by Simon Hensby and a whole suite of Maths programmes have been donated by Eddie Curran Productions, a professional educational software producer in the UK.

For help to get connected call Simon at Thanet ADDers. We recommend if you are thinking of connecting to the Internet, that you use the local Thanet service provider Adept in Ramsgate. You can contact them on 01843 850444.

It’s interesting to note that apart from Adept and Dreamland, we have actually received far more help from Companies in the United States than here in the UK.

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