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Thanet ADDers Newsletter

Volume 2, Number 2, June '98

Important, Please Note

This is a copy of our local group's paper newsletter sent out to members of Thanet ADDers. For our main online homepage click here for Much will have happened since this newsletter was sent out, so check for up to date information.

Talk By Dr.G.Kewley

We were very encouraged by the attendance for the talk by Dr Geoff Kewley on 11th May 1998. There were approximatly 150 in the audience, with a very high proportion from the professional agencies.

Those who attended expressed that they had gained more knowledge of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and how they will be able to use this knowledge in their dealings with children in their care.

We are very grateful to Kevin Smallwood who came along to sell books at very short notice.

Day Outing 1998

We are hoping to arrange another day trip to Chessington World of Adventure this year on Friday 21st August.

Unfortunatly at present we have not received any funding to help with the cost but have worked out that the cost of arranging a trip would still be considerably less than going by either coach or car individually. The cost would be £12 per head, with under 4’s sitting on laps free.

If you are interested in going please fill in the enclosed form indicating the number of places required along with a £5 deposit per person and return to us by 30th June 1998.

Youth Club, at present this has had to be suspended due to lack of help. We have met with the Youth Officer for K.C.C. on 15th June to discuss the way forward for the Youth Club He is very willing to help us with this venture and it is hoped that the Youth Club will be able to re-start in September. We will then hopefully have a new venue and helpers.

We will keep everyone informed either by letter or at the monthly adult meetings.

Library Books, A number of our library books have gone missing. Please could you look to see if you have borrowed any and return them A.S.A.P

A full list of books in the library is available at the monthly meeting, unfortunatly due to the loss of a number of books we will now require a £5 deposit on all books lent out.

Monthly meetings we had our first adult meeting at 8p.m. at 8 Almond Close, Broadstairs in April.

A representative from the NHS Trust came along to explain why the Thanet / Ashford option for the hospitals was their prefered option.

The rest of the evening was for coffee and a chat with other parents to talk over problems and use each others experiences.

We have arranged for Dr Nayak to come to talk to us again with the emphasis on “ADD and Teenagers”. The date for this talk will be the 15th July, we need to know in advance how many people will be attending so that we can find an alternate venue if necessary. The cost for the evening will be £2 per head to cover expences. Please complete the reply slip on final page and return it to us by 30th June if you would like to attend.

Fund Raising, If we are to continue to produce information and newsletters we urgently need funds. If anyone has any ideas for fund-raising or who we can contact for grants please let us know.

We would like to express our thanks to Dreamland Leisure Ltd for their very kind support in doing all of our photocopying free of charage. This is a real help to the funds as the cost for photocopying is quite considerable.

We will be running a “Named Persons Course” begining in January next year. The purpose of this course is to enable individuals to attend meetings with those who need help either with getting a diagnosis or help for their child at school. The course will enable us to learn more about what rights we have for our children and help with the Statementing Process.

The course will take place in the evenings and will run for 10 weeks.

Anyone interested in attending should be aware that most of the meetings which they will be asked to attend will take place during the day therefore you will need to be able to be available during daytime. However there will only be a very few times when you would be called upon.

If you are interested in attending the course please fill in the form below (not included in web version) and return it to us as soon as possible as places will be limited.

More information about dates and times will be sent to those who require it.

We would really like to hear from your with your stories and comments, success stories, ideas for coping with ADHD, for inclusion in either the Newsletter or the Website. These can either be written by adults or children.

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