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Thanet ADDers Newsletter

Volume 1, Number 4, October '97

Important, Please Note

This is a copy of our local group's paper newsletter sent out to members of Thanet ADDers. For our main online homepage click here for Much will have happened since this newsletter was sent out, so check for up to date information.


Richard Complete's Sponsored Cycle Ride

He even had his Dad fooled. On Saturday 27th September, Richard Hensby astounded everyone by gritting his teeth and cycling the whole way round Thanet in aid of Thanet ADDers and Dave Leeís Happy Holidays.

The day came and we really werenít sure whether Richard would cycle 30 yards let alone 30 miles. He hadnít wanted to do much training so I had his two brothers standing by to take over if he got too tired. Richard was loaned a bike by Kenís Bike Shop in Margate and I (Dad, Simon Hensby) followed him on an old racing bike. He was so determined to do it that he astonished everybody by cycling the whole way round. We stopped every 2 or 3 miles and we have photographs taken at each stop.

Richard really showed that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Unfortunately, Richardís determination was not matched by overwhelming sponsorship, but every little helps, and we have yet to hear whether our members managed to get many sponsors on the forms sent with the last newsletter. Could all money now be collected and sent in to us please, so that we can arrange to hand over a cheque to Dave Lee for his Charity. The cycle ride was to raise money jointly for Thanet ADDers and Dave Lee's Happy Holidays.

Simon Hensby - Thanet ADDers


Unfortunately the October meeting had to be cancelled as both Caroline and Simon Hensby were suffering from the flu. The previous meeting in September, where a very interesting talk was given by Homeopath, Mr.Cole, was only attended by 5 people so we are not sure whether to arrange anymore of these monthly meetings. There is an opportunity to meet with others every week at Hartsdown when the Youth Club is held. Perhaps members could give us some feedback on this subject. Unless we hear anything different, there seems little point in holding a November meeting so we will have an end of year one, early in December.

Youth Club

Youth Club still meets every Friday evening at 6.00 p.m. at Hartsdown Leisure Centre. It is open to all ages and finishes at 7.30 p.m. It is also an opportunity for parents to get together in the Snack Bar there, for a chat and a coffee.

Articles for newsletter

If anyone has any articles for the next newsletter such as stories poems or tips, please let us have them by 30th November for inclusion in December's newsletter. Any photographs would also be welcomed.

We would like to produce a children's quarterly newsletter, so if any children have any stories, jokes, poems, puzzles or tips on how they cope with their ADD or how they feel about the condition or medication, please send them in or give them to us at youth club. Brothers and sisters are welcome to send items as above, also tips on how to cope with their brother or sister.

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