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Thanet ADDers Newsletter

Volume 6, Number 1, January 2005

Important, Please Note

This is a copy of our local group's paper newsletter sent out to members of Thanet ADDers. For our main online homepage click here for Much will have happened since this newsletter was sent out, so check for up to date information.

A Residential Summer Camp for Children with ADHD/ADD or Mild Social Disorders

Confidence, Achievement, Enthusiasm, Self Worth and Fun

What is CAMP 2005?

CAMP 2005 is a residential summer recreation programme for those children between the ages of 8 and 17 years that have been identified or diagnosed as experiencing attention deficit disorders or mild social skills disorders with, or without mild learning differences.

Our programme contains a mixture of recreational, sporting, artistic and social activities, all designed to help your child achieve success, what ever their level may be.

CAMP 2005 is a place where like-minded children can work together to improve peer interaction, build confidence and enhance their self-image. CAMP 2005 offers support, encouragement, social development and the type of structured day that your child may require in order to achieve success. Our fully- trained staff are there to support your child 24 hours a day.

Who is CAMP 2005 run by?

CAMP 2005 is run by a new organisation called Attention Seekers. The Directors, Steve Kelly and Adrian Edgar have worked on ADHD summer camps in the USA for nearly twenty years. They are both qualified teachers and experienced in both special needs and residential education. Steve and Adrian are also the Special Needs Consultants for the CAMP AMERICA organisation, helping to place staff on many camps throughout the USA.

When and where will CAMP 2005 be held?

CAMP 2005 will be held for one week from 31st July to 6th August at Wellington College in Crowthorne, Berkshire, (near Reading and Bracknell). Set in 400 acres of attractive woodland, all facilities, both recreational and residential, are within easy walking distance within a secure and secluded private estate. A few extra elective activities, such as horse riding will be held at a local specialist centre at an additional cost.

For more details, a copy of the brochure and application form please contact:

Steve Kelly & Adrian Edgar Camp Directors.

Office: Attention Seekers, Bushby House, 5 Quorn Road, Leicester. LE53NU Telephone: 0116 2761981

Thanet ADDers Survey

A number of you may remember that about a year or so ago we sent out copies of a survey we were running which was also on the website for those people who are online to fill in.

Well this has now received over 1,000 participants and therefore we will now be collating all of the results which we hope to publish fairly shortly.

We are hoping that once this has been fully collated that we will be able to arrange for some publicity and that we will be able to bring the findings to the attention of the media at National Level.

The survey was carried out for all the countries of the UK and then England was split into 8 regions and the results are fairly consistent in each area of the UK.

We are hoping that the evidence within this will give added support to encourage more accessible and better services for our children, young people and adults.

Please keep an eye open for this over the next few months.

TV Documentary

Last year we were asked to help with some input into a documentary for ADHD which was being produced by the BBC 2 programme Horizon.

The reporter we spoke to was really positive and I fully believe that this programme will be of great encouragement to all those parents with children diagnosed with ADHD and that it will reflect accurately how it is to live with ADHD 24/7. The programme has now been edited and is due to be broadcast on 3rd February this year on BBC2 at 9pm I would like to encourage all of you to tune into this as I am very hopeful that it will help to raise some really good issues about life with ADHD and that it will encourage people to realise that this is a real condition with some major impacts on family life

The programme is called 'Living with ADHD' and as I say is being broadcast 3rd February 2005 on BBC2 at 9pm

One final bit of local news

A number of you will know Thanet ADDers was started in 1997 by Simon and Caroline Hensby, whose son was diagnosed at the age of 12 years - after many years of being told we were bad parents and many years of heartache for Richard and the family as a whole we were at last able to find out exactly what Richards' problems were caused by. He started on a treatment plan and things began to change for the better for all the family and for Richard.

A few years later I, Caroline, was also diagnosed and again things changed for me especially with the treatment plan that was put into place. However a few years later I was also diagnosed with Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis and things began to go downhill again, I was, and still am often in a lot of pain and have mobility problems so this affects not only me but the whole family.

Things started to go pear shaped when last year - 2004 in July I was almost totally immobile due to the Arthritis and a slipped disc and this had some major affects on the family as a whole. To the point that in October 2004 Simon left home for a few days break / holiday and didn't return for about a month and then that was only to say that he was not coming home again to the family home as he had found someone else to share his life with who is from Romania so at the moment they are spending time between Romania and the UK but hope to return to the UK soon but he will not longer be part of Thanet ADDers however Caroline will continue with this on her own.

Obviously this was quite a shock all round but now we are into a New Year and things move on. Thanet ADDers will continue to provide the same level of information and support as ever and I will endeavour to keep things as up to date as possible as normal during the coming months. Please bear with me though if I am not quite as quick at replying to everyone as I have been in the past!

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