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November 21st 2011

Planner Problems No More! Use AutiPlan

Enabling a child to become as independent as possible, and providing them with a clear understanding and control over their time, is one of the key roles of a parent. The planning and sequencing of a day, or even a few hours, may well be tricky for children with autism related difficulties or for those who have ADHD. Using a simple planner will provide a clear structure to their day and help them to be aware of, and anticipate, changes.

AutiPlan is a free-for-private-use App that enables you to create quick and easy planners, using pictograms and clocks. It has been tested with many parents and a variety of professionals and feedback has been both positive and encouraging.

AutiPlan screenshot

In a few easy steps, clear planners can be created. These can then easily be modified for any given day or time period. AutiPlan enables you to divide the day up into varying blocks of time and allows you to put in as much, or as little, detail as is necessary. One of the key benefits of this free software is its ability to save time. By using a template and making small adjustments, such as modifying time-slots and changing pictograms, you will have designed a planner suitable for a new day.

AutiPlan screenshot

Alternatively, it is not difficult to create a brand new template for another child or for a completely different kind of day.

AutiPlan screenshot

The pictograms and digital or analogue clocks provide a clear visual aid for any child who struggles with their routine, or who needs support to move from one activity to another. The use of templates makes it possible for you to create and print out a personalised and day-specific planner in a very short space of time, without the need to start from scratch again each time. Older children can also help in the creation of the planner, which will make them feel more involved in, and in control of, their time. This will, in turn, support development of their independence and ability to cope with changes.

AutiPlan screenshot

Currently, Autiplan is available in English, Dutch and Danish. French and Swedish versions are in the pipeline. Additionally, an Android version is going through final testing and is now available in the Market. Here are a couple of screen shots from the Dutch version of the Android App. The manual for this version is currently being further developed and more detailed information on both the Android App itself, and steps for downloading it, can be found on the Android Market.

AutiPlan screenshotAutiPlan screenshot

AutiPlan is available at Here, you will also find more detailed information about the use and development of AutiPlan and how you can utilise this App as a simple, but effective, method of supporting a child’s movement through the day and enhancing their understanding and sequencing skills.

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