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April 3rd 2008

Sponsered Climb of Ben Nevis

UPDATE 2nd June 2008 - Totally Awesome

I have just heard from Lesley and she has told me that between herself and her sister Joan they have raised a total of £203 for for completing their Sponsored Climb of Ben Nevis on the 26th May 2008.

This is an awesome amount in total when you think that they were being sponsored in aid of 3 organisations ( and two charities in Lesleys local area - Asperger East Anglia, and East Anglian Childrens Hospices). This means that between Lesley and Joan they raised a total of just over £600! Isn't that Incredible?

Personally I would like to say a huge THANK YOU on behalf of all those who visit to both Lesley and her sister Joan for their amazing achievement.

Lesley sent me some photographs of her climb to the Top of Ben Nevis - to see these Click Here

UPDATE 26th May 2008

Monday 26th May 2008 - Today I received a text message from Lesley at 6.30am saying that she and her sister had started their ascent of Ben Nevis - the weather appears was being very kind to them it appears and at 2.38 pm I received another text message from Lesley to say that they had Done It!!!!

They had reached the summit of Ben Nevis and that they had brilliant sunshine there. She also said that they were just starting the decent back to ground level.

At 6.15 pm I had another text from Lesley to say that they had arrived back safely and just having a well deserved cup of coffee! :-)

She said that her ankles and knees were hurting and that the walk down was a bit of a killer!

So obviously I replied to all texts wishing her luck and congratulations on her reaching the summit and for getting back safe and sound - also saying that she and her sister now deserved some very serious R and R (rest and relaxation lol)

So now is the time to also remind those who were really kind to sponsor and support Lesley that you are now able to send your pledged donation by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking on the PayPal button that is there at the bottom of the page.

Both Lesley and are very grateful to all those who sponsored Lesley in her effort to help raise funds for

One of our regular Forum Mums - Lesley aka mummy - has decided to climb Ben Nevis Scotland, the highest mountain in Great Britain standing 4418 feet (1343) metres

Lesley wrote to me saying :-

"At the end of May I and my sister Joan will be walking to the top of Ben Nevis Scotland, the highest mountain in Great Britain standing 4418 feet (1343) metres.

This decision came about because my sister Joan and I go on a walking holiday every year.

In 2006 we were in the lake district and on a whim we decided to climb Scafell Pike which at 3210 ft (978m) is the highest peak in England (2nd highest in UK). Neither of us had done it before and the last time we had climbed a mountain together was when we ascended Snowdon the highest mountain in Wales (3rd in UK) at 3560 ft (1085 m) during a family holiday in a round 1980 when we were teenagers.

Scafell Pike was hard work but the 5 mile ascent was worth it just to say we had done it. Later that year my husband and two sons then aged 10 and 13 climbed to the summit of Snowdon.

In 2007 Joan and I went to Wales and decided that as we had conquered Scafell Pike the previous year then we could probably manage Snowdon together. By now I was 41 and Joan 43. We succeeded the climb which was also 5 miles each way. Later that year I went up Scafell Pike again but this time with hubby and two boys.

To summarise, in 2006 I climbed both Scafell Pike (with Joan) and Snowdon (with hubby and boys), and in 2007 I climbed both Scafell pike (with Hubby and boys) and Snowdon (with Joan)

It was after last years family holiday that I asked Joan if she had ever climbed Ben Nevis and whether she was up for it. I climbed Ben Nevis on a whim on my honeymoon in 1992. Again it is 5 miles each way but being higher it is steeper. Then I was 26 years old and weighed 9 and a half stone. Now I am 42 and weigh 13 and a half stone!

Joan said she had never done it and as she has now done the other two she felt it would be good to do ’the three’

I have since been on the web and discovered that it is likely that the top 100 feet of Ben Nevis will be snow covered so the weather we have had recently has been good for practising in!

I am asthmatic so I find hill climbing very tiring. Scafell took me 5 hours up and three down, Snowdon 6 up and four down. So I am expecting Ben Nevis to be a very long day, possibly 12 to 14 hours total.

Joan is very experienced with a map and compass and much fitter than me being a black belt in King Fu! (Yes really) but I will be learning to use a map and compass myself.

I am currently walking around 20 miles a week in all weathers to help prepare myself for the day."

Wow what an amazing thing to do for a holiday :-) I must admit that there is no way that I would be fit enough to even think about doing something like this! So I honestly think that this is an amazing thing for Lesley to be doing and I wish her every success with her training and the actual climb.

I am sure that everyone else who visits will also like to pass on their messages of support and encouragement and hopefully also want to Sponsor her to help with this encouragement

If anyone would like to encourage Lesley in this maybe they could fill out the form below and send it to us here at to pledge your support by sponsoring her a small amount for every 100 metres (total climb is 1343 metres so this works out as 13.43 lots of 100 metres if you see what I mean LOL )

All donations at the end can be sent to us here at either by using PayPal or by sending direct to our land address at 35 Athelstan Road, Margate, Kent CT9 2BE England. This means that no matter where in the world you are you can still sponsor and support Lesley as PayPal can accept payments from anywhere via a credit card and we can accept other forms of payments as well.

I really hope that many folk will help Lesley in this and send her your encouragement and support and in doing so you are not only helping Lesley but too.

To see list of sponsors so far: Click Here.

Your Name:

Amount per 100 metres:
(please state which):

Your Email Address:
(if you want a reply, please make sure this is correct)

If you wish to just send a fixed amount please state here:

I am Happy to have My Name on the Sponsor List Y or N:

Words of Support for Lesley:

Thank you, please click the Send button to forward this to us. (Please only click this once)

To donate Click the Button Below

If you have a problem making a donation, please click here

CSarah-Jayne Bass for


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