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September 16th 2007

New Book soon to be available in UK

"The Tipping Points: What professionals should recognize as the social impact of ADHD" By Phil Anderton formally of Lancashire Constabulary will be published on 12 November 2007.

A preview says:

"ADHD is a disorder that is often misunderstood or dismissed. As a consequence, professionals who have responsibilities for the lives of youngsters with the disorder struggle to give the level of service that is necessary for there to be positive outcomes. For professionals and parents alike, this book offers down to earth explanations of ADHD and explains how young people with ADHD are at greater risk, whilst offering solutions that minimalism the chances of those people suffering unnecessarily. This book highlights the outcomes of poorly managed ADHD including pathways into crime, anti-social behaviour and personal danger, and outlines ways to reduce those risks with easy to follow and pragmatic text and checklists."

Reviewers have said:

"As an adult who has ADHD, from childhood I have had my fair share of issues with the police and courts as a consequence, I really appreciate the interest in this subject being taken by Phil Anderton. This book should be read by anyone and everyone who deals with youngsters who have the disorder, if the people who looked after me had recognised my Tipping Points and done right by me, I might not have the criminal record that I have." Gary Sendall

"Many books seek to promote awareness of ADHD among the public but very few do so with as splendid a combination of science and compassion as does Mr. Anderton in this up-to-the-minute summation of what parents and others should know about ADHD and its management." Professor Russell Barkley

"This book is very welcome - it takes the lessons from the scientific study of ADHD and applies them to a social and justice perspective. It deserves to be read widely, especially by those who doubt whether the individual's vulnerability of ADHD is relevant to how society should react." Professor Eric Taylor, King's College London, Institute of Psychiatry, London

From personal perspective I met Phil when he spoke at an ADDISS Conference when he spoke with total conviction of the help and support those with ADHD can need to stay away from the criminal justice system and of the work he and Stephen Brown also of Lancashire Constabulary were doing with young people at risk in their area and how this was helping in many positive ways. I can only say that as we know a lot of our young people and adults with ADHD are at risk of becoming involved with the criminal justice system and both Steve and Phil were fantastic guys doing some great work in helping many young people stay out of trouble and from becoming one of the growing statistics!

If anyone would like to PreOrder a copy of this book please contact ADDISS at or Phone: 020 8952 2800 to do this and if you say you are from we have been told that ADDISS will give a generous donation to us here at for every copy ordered!

The book costs 12.99 plus 1.50 postage and packaging



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