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September 13thth 2007

Sponsered Walk

One of our regular Forum Mums - Fiona aka bubbs - has decided that she would like to do a sponsored Walk in aid of during the National ADHD Awareness Week later this month. So on September 26th she has decided to walk 10 miles! Rather her than me I must say! Good Luck Fiona I am sure you will do fantastic

Further Update! 28th September 2007

Fiona sent us some great photographs taken during the Walk and she has put some comments to go with these!

To view these photographs click here

Update 27th September 2007

Well done Bubbs aka Fiona, Stuart and the family for doing fantastic with your sponsored walk.

A fantastic and amazing thing to walk the full 10 miles through 4 towns to raise awareness to ADHD and also funds for

Fiona has told us that the running total at the moment raised by this walk is an Amazing 470!!

She is sending some photos of all of them taken during the walk which will be posted up here shortly.

Well done again to Fiona and Stuart and all of you and a huge Thank You from all of us at

Fiona has said "WEDNESDAY THE 26TH OF SEPTEMBER I am going to do a 10 mile sponsor walk to raise funds for My kids will join me for the final 5 miles.

I have chosen to do this in the ADHD awareness week to highlight ADHD in my area. I will to contact the local newspaper in the area and I will be highlighting the positive sides of ADHD. Ill drop a few famous peoples names into the conversation, and emphasise that with proper medication, and management young people like my son can be valuable members of society with loads to offer.

The walk will start in Whitburn to Blackburn on to Bathgate then Armadale then back to Whitburn. Any you scottish adders that are feeling enegetic please feel free to join me at any point !!!"

If anyone would like to encourage Fiona in this maybe they could fill out the form below and send it to us here at to pledge your support by sponsoring her a small amount per mile.

All donations at the end can be sent to us here at either by using PayPal or by sending direct to our land address at 35 Athelstan Road, Margate, Kent CT9 2BE England. This means that no matter where in the world you are you can still sponsor and support Fiona as PayPal can accept payments from anywhere via a credit card and we can accept other forms of payments as well.

I really hope that many folk will support Fiona in this and send her your encouragement and support and in doing so you are not only supporting Fiona but too.

Since this news item was first posted Fionas son - Stuart (15) who is diagnosed with ADHD and is on a good treatment plan - has said he will be walking with his mum as well. On speaking to the place that Stuart works Fiona was told the following by his boss : "well i would have never known Stuart, as far as I was concerned, and Ihate to use the phrase you were a 'normal' teenager. All I can say is you are a credit to yourself and I hope you are very proud of yourself !" - Also Stuarts boss is going to support both Fiona and Stuart with this as well and as Fiona is speaking to the local press Stuarts boss has agreed also to speak to the press to help put across the positive side of things and how with the correct treatment Stuart is doing fantastic! What a positive media article this could be. Let's just hope that the paper does cover this event and Fiona will be able to share a positive media article with us after her and Stuart have completed the walk.

I am sure that anyone who is able to sponsor and support Fiona will also be pleased to support and sponsor Stuart at the same time, so any messages of support that you would like to send to Stuart as well please add these to the form below and I am sure that this will give huge encouragement to Stuart as well as Fiona.

To see list of sponsors so far: Click Here.



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