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August 11th 2006

Sponsered Stop Drinking


WOW Fantastic News Sharl has now finished her sponsored No Booze For A Month and she DID !!! Fantastic for her too - WELL DONE SHARL

I think that this really has taken a huge effort from Sharl to keep this up as she has had a lot of problems during this month as we all well know having children is hard work anyway but having one with ADHD is added pressure!!!

So personally I think she has done really Wonderful.

Anyway now it is time for all those who pledged to sponsor Sharl to PAY UP!!! just follow the links at the bottom of the page here to find the link to Paypal to PAY UP !!!!

Well Sharl has now done 2 full week's alcohol free! All I can say that this is totally fantastic.

Well Done Sharl.

Sharl has said that so far the pledges here on the site plus sponsors she has got locally she hopes to have so far raised around 190 which is a fantastic sum of money.

So come on guys even if you can't pledge cash please fill out the form to send words of encouragement to Sharl to help her get through the next 2 weeks!!

One of our regular Forum Mums - Sharl - has decided that she wants to give up drinking so has started a Sponsered Stop Drinking

Heard from Sharl today and she has decided to quit booze for 1 month! Good luck to her I said it is not an easy one especially with our kids about and the summer holidays on us!! However she wants to give this a go and wants to try to also make some cash for by being sponsored for it.

So if anyone wishes to sponsor her an amount per day that she goes without a drink that would be great! Sharl will be keeping me updated as to how she is getting on and will get a friend to confirm things for an independent person so to speak to make sure that all is above board so to speak:-)

Good luck Sharl with this one hunni!!

If anyone would like to encourage Sharl in this maybe they could fill out the form below and send it to us here at to pledge your support by sponsoring her a small amount for every day she doesn't have a drink. That is a total of 1 month then hopefully she will be able to carry on without going back!

All donations at the end can be sent to us here at either by using PayPal or by sending direct to our land address at 35 Athelstan Road, Margate, Kent CT9 2BE. England. This means that no matter where in the world you are you can still sponsor and support Sharl as PayPal can accept payments from anywhere via a credit card and we can accept other forms of payments as well.

I really hope that many folk will help Sharl in this and send her your encouragement and support and in doing so you are not only helping Sharl but too.

To plot Sharls progress Click Here

To see list of sponsors so far: Click Here.

Your Name:

Amount per day:
(please state which):

Your Email Address:
(if you want a reply, please make sure this is correct)

If you wish to just send a fixed amount please state here:

I am Happy to have My Name on the Sponsor List Y or N:

Words of Support for Sharl:

Thank you, please click the Send button to forward this to us. (Please only click this once)

To donate Click the Button Below

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