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May 14th 2006

Sponsor Dan on the Ten Tors


I had an email from Cathy - his mum - giving us some of the details of how the whole thing went for Dan.

"Thanks for your email about Dan and the Ten Tors. Pleased he had so much support at the last minute.

It really is a tremendous challenge for the team's 14 year old do 35 miles, 15 to 45 & older do 55 miles.

They're on their own, with a map & compass in teams of 6. They drink from streams & camp over night.

Parents like us go out of there mind with worry, thank god for ten tors website who track them & post what tor every team has got too. And adders for me to say to joolie mum nail biting & than think why isn't he sponsored & then get it going.

He got to the 8th Tor before 8pm on Saturday & camped, we turned on the pc on Sunday & at 7am he had got to the 9th help we want to see him come in & we've a forty mile trip - lead foot there before 10 & no sign of them at 10.

Teams they'd been with all passed by 9.30 panic set in, as 11.30am passed, he came in at 1.20pm disguised as a hay bale (photo coming).

He ignored us at first, team moment, but then he didn't shut up.

But when he went to school the next day, nothing, no acknowledgment of what they'd achieved, just nothing.

I am so disappointed, I couldn't or have wanted to do this when I was 14 & I am so proud that Dan & his team mates did & then nothing.

Dan will say thank you to everyone who sponsored him, he was made up to have the support, but he's in a bit of a sroop right now."

Dan has posted on the Parents Forum Board about this which is copied below:

"Thank you so much for all the support you gave me and my ten tors team, we are all very greatfull for it. there will be some photos of me with my team on the board soon. When we started to come over the hill on the last strech to the finish line i started to feel dead proud off my self because off the achievement i had just done, and then seeing my mum and dad running down the hill to meet me was the best thing. i had so much fun im going back next year to do the 35mile again, and i hope it will be as much fun as my last one."

Cathy has also sent the following pictures of Dan taken during the challenge:

All I can say is a really huge WELL DONE to Dan for such a great achievement - also a huge Thank You for being sponsored and raising 59 for - if anyone still has to send the donation don't forget!!

While I was away yesterday I got a text from one of the forum admin guys saying that one of the members Cathyz has posted about her son doing the above challenge and that they wondered if it would be OK to get people to sponsor him for So basically I agreed this would be great and suggested that this was posted on the forum board and that I would put something on the site today when I got home.

So anyway this is it!!

Cathyz wrote on the forum boards:


Dan is taking part in the Ten Tors challenge this weekend, its a 35 mile hike over Dartmoor, so please sponsor him to finish, all money to go to!

He started off at 6am and so far he has reached Tor 7 & is aiming to get to 8 before making camp for the night then has the last 2 Tors to get to before 5pm tommorrow when me & Mick & the kids will be there to see him cross the finish line in Okehampton & get his medal.

He is in a team of 6 from his school and their progress can be tracked on the website, its real nail biting stuff as we wait for the message to go up that they've got to another Tor.

I am so proud of him and to top it off we've just seen him on West Country News!!


Words of encouragement and congratulations to Dan:

Lisa - 5 - a huge well done for you. such a great acheivement you should be proud of yourself!!

Julie - 5 - Well done Dan

Trace - 5 - Well done Dan!! You should be very proud of yourself for this great acheivement!!

Joolie Mom - 10 - Woo! Hoo! Dan - Well Done Mate! What a really ace achievement ! Ever thought about joining the Marines :)

Jo - 5 - Well done Dan, you did fantastically. i love Dartmoor.

Cathz - 10 - WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU DAN!!!

Maddie - 2 - Well done. Bet your feet hurt. Take care and best wishes as you have done a great job.

Debbie - 3 - Congratulations and well done Dan. Hope your feet feel better soon.

Bimbo - 5 - well done dan!!! put your feet up now, and make mum everyone pamper you until the blisters have gone!

Wendy - 4 - I hope your legs stop aching soon!

So guys anyone wanting to sponsor Dan please fill in the form below

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If you wish to just send a fixed amount please state here:

I am Happy to have My Name on the Sponsor List Y or N:

Words of Support for Dan:

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