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August 27th 2005

Sponsored Event for the Children and Day Out to Hever Castle

On Sunday 21st August the arranged trip to Hever Castle happened and the children took part in their sponsored event in aid of - so all those who all those who promised to support them it is now time to send in your donations to show them how proud we all are of them.

I arrived at about 11.15 which I thought meant we were a little bit late however it seemed we were the first to arrive. It was a little difficult to find once we had arrived in the right area but we obviously managed to do this

Anyway we waited at the entrance point by the gift shop and café and then Jo and Amanda and their mob arrived with Marcus and Lucy wearing tee shirts ready for the occasion.

We decided to walk round a little to find out what was happening and where and as we started to move off we bumped into Cathy with her husband and children and also Liz and Bethany

We decided at this point as it was after midday that we would all go to get something to eat so most people went to eat their picnics on part of the huge expanses of grassed areas. During this time the children did their sponsored event.

After lunch we met up and all took the children to play in the adventure playground which had a sort of wooden maze type climbing frame and other items further up which the children seemed to enjoy. Took a few photos there these are all below.

While there Amanda took any of the children who wanted to go to the loo on the well known thing called the toilet run!! Well done Amanda

We then decided to go to see the jousting from there although Cathy and her family decided that they had to think about leaving at this point to get home at a reasonable time so we all said our good byes to Cathy and the family and I gave the children their prizes for the sponsored event which they did over the lunch time period.

The rest of us then started to walk up to where the jousting was to take place however Jo, Amanda, Liz and their children decided they wanted to go to the Water Maze instead so we split up then and they went off to that and we went to see the jousting

The jousting was very popular and loads of people covered the area where this took place. Again there are a few photos below.

We then decided to have a look round the actual Castle itself which was home at one time to Anne Boleyn a wife to King Henry the 8th so inside was really interesting.

We then went to have a cup of coffee before we left for home. While I was queuing up for my coffee I got a text from Jo to say that they had seen Fi with her family and gave me her number so I tried to get in touch with her but couldn't get through which was a real shame. So I didn't get to meet up with Fi but I hope that she had a great day out too.

So this is a much shortened version of the day out at Hever Castle so if anyone else who was there would like to write something for me to add to this that would be great.

One final point for those who sponsored the children for this sponsored event now is the time to send in your donations to show the children how well you think they all did.

Photos Below:



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