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December 3rd 2005

Sponsored Event Jemima is running in The Great North Run

FURTHER UPDATE - Well have just heard from Jemima again but this time she has sent me a wonderful cheque as she has collected in all of her sponsor money for this event.

Well I think she has done a remarkable job she sent me a cheque for for 350 so adding that to the amount which came in from those who pledged here online and paid up which came in total to 100 - THE GRAND TOTAL JEMIMA RAISED FOR ADDERS.ORG IS:- 450.

This is an amazing achievement and all here at wish to send Jemima our heartfelt thanks for all of the effort she put into both The Great North Run and also into collecting so many sponsors.

Also a huge thanks to those of you who sponsored her online here - thanks to all of you.

I really think that Jemima deserves a huge round of applause from everyone or at least some words of congratulations - I am also sending her an ADDerward as a form of certificate expressing our thanks to her for doing such an exhausting event in aid of :-)

UPDATE 21st September 2005 We have just heard that Jemima completed the Great North Run in the time of 2 hours 27 minutes - this is fantastic WELL DONE Jemima you are a STAR!

Jemima has recently written to me to say that she is taking part in the The Great North Run on Sunday 18th September and she has decided to be sponsored in aid of

I was really grateful that she thought of us when doing this as Jemima is a mum of a child with ADHD she is hoping to do this to help other parents in similar situations to get some help and support as well which is great - so thanks Jemima

So therefore if anyone would like to encourage Jemima in this maybe they could fill out the form below and send it to us here at to pledge your support by sponsoring her a small amount for every mile.

All donations at the end can then be sent to us here at either by using PayPal or by sending direct to our land address at 35 Athelstan Road, Margate, Kent CT9 2BE. England. This means that no matter where in the world you are you can still sponsor and support Jemima as PayPal can accept payments from anywhere via a credit card and we can accept other forms of payments as well.

I really hope that many folk will encourage Jemima in this "The Great North Run" as from what I have seen of this in the past it certainly is not an easy thing to take part in - although if she wears an adders tee shirt we can all look out for her on the TV as it is shown every year! - and send her your encouragement and support and in doing so you are not only helping Jemima but too.

To see list of sponsors so far: Click Here.



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