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Kenneth from Salt Lake City wrote saying

"This magnificent supplement is catching on in Utah and around the country like wildfire! Salt Lake City alone is broadcasting 5 one half hour to one hour infomercials a week. Have your supply on hand when customers begin to ask for it! Please read on about this product Seasilver below:

Important health information you need to be aware of written by a chiropractor on the remarkable product called Seasilver!

Dear Fellow Doctor,

The reason I am writing you today is to introduce you to a product that has truly changed my life! For years I thought that if I just ate right I wouldn't have to worry about taking any supplements. Decades ago this may have been true, but many studies have confirmed that the food on our table today no longer gives us the nutrients our bodies require. A recent soil analysis conducted in 1996 found less than 20 minerals are still present. To compare, in 1940 American soil contained 60 minerals. This means that you would have to eat a bathtub sized salad today to equal the nutritional value of a cup of salad 50 years ago. It is this lack of nutrients in our foods that makes it more important than ever for us to supplement our diet. Knowing this I started taking a dozen vitamin and mineral pills per day including vitamin C, B complex, vitamin A, calcium and vitamin E. I thought then I was finally getting the nutrients my body required on a daily basis.

However, I later found out that vitamin and mineral pills weren't the answer either. In the Physicians Desk Reference (page 1542) it shows that a vitamin, in pill form, is only 10% absorbed by the body. That means that for every $100 Americans spend on Vitamins, they are flushing $90 down the toilet. On the other hand, a liquid nutritional supplement has a 98% absorption rate. This made a lot of sense to me and considering I hated taking pills every day, I began my search for the perfect liquid nutrient and I found a product called SEASILVER.

Seasilver contains EVERY vitamin, mineral, amino acid and enzyme known to man. These nutrients are derived from an organic blend of sea vegetables that are harvested from the purest waters off the coast of Iceland. Seasilver is an aloe-based liquid containing no water. Water is the number one breeding ground for bacteria. Not only does Seasilver contain every nutrient the body needs, but it also oxygenates the cells by an astounding 40%! This has been documented using a laboratory device called an Atomic Mass Spectrometer. Why is a higher level of oxygen important to our body? In 1940, 2% of the American population had cancer, today it is 35%. The International Cancer Institute states that in four years, one out of two Americans will have some form of cancer (that's 50%.) Medical evidence has PROVEN that the major cause of this increase in cancer is due to a lack of oxygen in the atmosphere. In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded a Nobel prize for discovering that "the cause of cancer is due to a lack of cellular oxygen." Many renown scientists have also linked a lack of oxygen to the cause of herpes, chronic fatigue, staph, strept, yeast infections and arthritis. Dr. Steven Levine, world renown molecular biologist, stated "a lack of cellular oxygen is the fundamental cause for all degenerative diseases." Seasilver also contains pau d' arco and colloidal silver, which clinical studies have shown boost the immune system and is effective in the treatment of many bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

This product CLEANSES the vital organs, PURIFIES the blood stream, OXYGENATES at a cellular level and STRENGTHENS the immune can you do anything, but improve your health!! I have personally felt more energy and endurance than I have in years! The testimonies from people taking the product are truly astounding and have helped ailments like cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, allergies, ulcers and attention deficit disorder.

The recommended dosage is 1 oz per day if you are under 150 pounds and 2 oz. a day over 150 pounds. It is recommended, however, to take 2 oz. per day for your first month no matter your weight. This is a maintenance dose, but if you are fighting an illness, it is recommended to increase your amount to 4 or even 6 oz. a day. It can be taken with or without food and needs no refrigeration and so it's even easy to take along on a trip. Your cost is only $39.95 for one 32 oz. bottle. The company offers a 3 bottle purchase special for 20 percent off equalling $100. However, your best price will be to order a case of 12 bottles to receive it for just $25 a bottle! This is the most economical way to purchase your Seasilver in order for your whole family to benefit from this whole food, great tasting supplement! You can purchase the product at this wholesale price by calling 1-800-299-8256. How good of a price is this?......Just the Vitamin E, Calcium and B complex I used to purchase at GNC cost over $40 for a month's supply not even including the hundreds of dollars it would cost to purchase each additional vitamin and mineral individually. Seasilver charges NO shipping and handling on any amount of product ordered nor on sales materials, NO taxes and NO distributor fees. The company will even give you one free bottle with every case order after your initial case purchase, however, only when you sign up on the autoship program. I use this bottle to give out samples to my patients. Think that it all "sounds too good to be true"? Seasilver stands behind their product with an UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK there's nothing to lose by trying this product, but poor health!

When you call 1-800-299-8256 to order your product please mention Kenneth Barneycastle as your sponsor.

The company is located in California and if you call before 3 P.M. pacific time, your order will be shipped out that day!

If you wish to read more in depth about this incomparable product, please go to to read testimonials, etc. Then call the company directly to place your order rather than ordering over the internet for faster service."

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