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Fruit and whole seed grain cookies or Backup Bar

Jim Sisseck from Spokane, Washington writes..... "I have found something helping many young people in my area with this. The problem seems to arise from the effects of their pancreas on the normal industrialized country diet although grinding grain is pretty pandemic now. In the newest of generations some reactions have occurred that bring about what I call "energy shortage desparation" which leads to all the activities we would associate with desparation. To bypass this, provide the children with cookies made of fruit and whole seed grain. The fruit causes greater saliva and starch breaking enzyme, the grain in large enough particles provides a continuous energy supply over long periods of time. Whole seeds are an oft unrecognized form of fiber that is what the bowel is seeking when "your stomach growls" and may actually still exist to a small extent on exit. Typically stimulants like ritalin help return liver stored carbohydrates to the bloodstream at the expense of dependency for depletion of adrenalin stores. The body uses adrenalin to do this job and as the stores are depleted is less and less able to do it on its own. I've seen almost about faces in as little as a month on high quantities of whole seed and reduction of "fast and slow sugars" such as sugar to farina. All these ground grain products are into the bloodstream quickly and either into the liver or the cells. Once there and not in the bowel it takes great energy to retrieve them. Those suffering ADD seem to lack that energy."

I wrote and asked Jim for a recipe and he replied.... "This is a part of a publication I am ammassing call "What if You Could" which has the full explanation of the reasons for the "Back Up System Diet" We started making bad food before we even knew there was bad food. Now we're chasing the bad food and neglecting the good food. As for a recipe for the "Backup Bar" there is not an actual recipe. A recipe calls for specific ingredients and this has more permutations than Einstein.

Procedure for making "Backup Bar"

Make standard white bread dough the consistency of thick cream.
(alt; thin commercial frozen bread dough with water)
Lightly steam whole seed grain except oats, corn, rice. Protein balanced with raw nuts.
(See "Diet for a Small Planet" by Frances Moore Lappe)
In bowl, mix thin bread dough into grain until grain adheres.
Add one quarter cup brown or turbinado sugar for each quart of grain mix.
(Used to make certain cookie will be palatable-your discretion)
Roll between waxed paper until about one quarter inch thick.
Lay out strips of crushed fruit (apple, cranberry, anything but citrus)
(season to taste with cinnamon, etc.)
Once rolled and pinched, baste with dough and sprinkle with flour.
Bake as rolls or Danish.
When done, spray or baste with fruit juice, dust with powdered sugar to increase saliva.
Enzyme in saliva is needed to convert starch to sugar and the enzyme must be at maximum to last long enough to provide long term energy.

Cookie is to be eaten Chinese style, before anything else.

Follow with high fat diet. Low fat diets as good diets was a theory, a bad theory."

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