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Links to Sites for ADD/ADHD Coaches

The links below are for sites for ADD/ADHD Coaches. Although we do know some of these people personally, none are linked in any way to

In the UK

Life Coach Directory ADHD section - "Life Coach Directory was set up to increase the awareness of life coaching and enable visitors to find the most suitable coach. Coaching is the process of guiding a person from where they are, to where they want to be. To ensure we maintain a professional website, we only list life coaches once we have seen proof of qualifications and insurance cover, or proof of membership with a professional body."

ADHD Oxfordshire - Mary Austin is a parent of three grown-up children, one of whom was diagnosed with ADHD ten years ago at the age of 24. She is an experienced teacher in Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools and a volunteer with the Oxfordshire Youth Offending Service. Her ADHD coaching qualifications include Certificate of Professional Studies in Education, Leicester 2004, 'Understanding and Supporting Pupils and Students with ADHD' and ADHD Coach training at The Coach Training Centre, London, 2009.

SimplyWellbeing - "UK organisation devoted to helping those living with ADHD to enjoy Health, Happiness and Wellbeing in their lives. SimplyWellbeing provides ADD Coaching, Training and Information for ADHD Adults and Parents of ADD children. Adult ADHD Coaching is offered across UK, Europe and East Coast USA."

Linda Fox - Adult ADHD Coach -"I'm an Adult ADHD Life Coach, Consultant, Speaker & Writer - helping people with ADHD fulfil their potential, achieve their ambitions & live happier more successful lives. Sign up on the Blogsite to recieve your free Ezine "Added Success" full of tips for successfully living with ADHD"

Shadow Coaching - Coaching site for Thom and Louise Hartmann, offering ADHD Coaching services based in the UK and USA.

Coaching Network Org UK - for UK information and coaches. Anna of the Coaching Network in the UK advised us that they do have ".....coaches with professional experience of ADD /ADHD although it doesn't show up as a specific criteria on our search engine at the moment (we're looking at some changes to the criteria so can consider adding this in). If anyone contacts us we will refer them to the relevant coaches."

ADD Centre - "Dr. Ron Weinstein's ADD Centre provides comprehensive assistance for both children and adults with ADD/ADHD and their families throughout the UK. Services include assessments, treatment and support, coaching, legal advocacy, workshops and consulting. The website contains up-to-date information on all aspects of ADD/ADHD."


Susan Macintosh ADHD Coaching - "I am an Australian ADHD Coach, trained and credentialed, and working between the US, Canada and Australia. I am also a Registered Nurse and on the Board of the ADHD CoachesnOrg (ACO). My focus is on assisting adults, especially professionals, and their families with adhd or life challenges. My work is inspired by a love for people and ideas, and the extraordinary gifts of adhd (add)."

Stephen J Flinn - ADHD Coach, Perth, Western Australia. Tel: 0417-43 4433. Skype: fire-staum. Trained through ADDCA The ADD Coach Academy [New York, USA]

ADD Coach 4 U - Pete Quily - Adult ADD Coach, " coach adults with Attention Surplus Condition (more commonly known as Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD) worldwide. I help them deal more effectively with their specific ADD challenges and recognize and develop their ADD strengths"BR>
Coaching Key to ADD - "Sarah Jane Keyser, Compassion and understanding are the keys to joyful ADHD success. Are you tired of an ADHD life in bits and pieces, like a jigsaw puzzle without a picture? Are you ready to make changes to create the picture you would love to live?"

Academie voor Counselling en Coaching - "Deeltijdopleidingen tot Counsellor en Coach Trainingslocaties door heel Nederland Kies de Zaterdag of door de Week"

Lisa Grossman - "I am an ADD Coach and I have a clinic that services people of all ages with ADD. there is an adult support group."

MentorCoach® - "MentorCoach® is the leading coach training school based on the integration of evidence-based coaching and the new science of Positive Psychology. Our ICF accredited program blends practice and leading theoretical insights that empower you in the transition toward becoming a masterful coach. Ours is a fully certified program by the ICF and PAAC (Professional Association of ADHD Coaches)."

ADHD Collective - Melissa Muller, M.Ed., PCCI, NCC and Adam Muller coach adults, professionals, and college students with ADHD. "We unite with you and pair up with your ADHD journey. Our ADHD coaching uses a 4-step process that empowers you to follow through. We help you stand up, get traction, and start building momentum toward your goals."

ADHD Coaches - "Find ADHD coaches on, the professional coach directory. Get a free consultation and a personalized coach recommendation. Call toll free in North America, 1-800-278-1057."

The ADD Coach Academy - "The premier ADD Coach Training Program, offers comprehensive, long-distance training for new and experienced coaches seeking the knowledge and skills to powerfully support adults and children with ADD/ADHD."

Shadow Coaching - Coaching site for Thom and Louise Hartmann, offering ADHD Coaching services based in the USA and UK. - The Website for Terry Matlen, ACSW. "I will be offering psychoeducational and referral information for those in need of immediate resources with particular emphasis on those who do not have easy access to ADD related information and resources. Information is sent via private e-mail to any individual looking for help for their ADD related needs. The service is available world-wide."

Nancy Ratey - "Nancy A. Ratey is internationally recognized as one of the foremost authorities on personal and professional coaching for adults with learning disabilities (LD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD). As one of the founders of the ADD coaching profession, Nancy has been active for two decades in developing programs and lecturing on issues related to LD and AD/HD."

Parent Coaching Cards - Dr. Steven Richfield's very informative site with details of his "Parent Coaching Cards system...."The cards offer practical advice on handling the tantrums, setbacks and frustrations that confound youngsters and adolescents... (they) have won praise from parents and from colleagues."

Barry Bettman - "I am your unique coach offer you to get the results your want from coaching. Please take advantage of having a highly effective Coach in your business and life. Below is my free gift to you "

Master Coaches - "Prior to becoming a Coach I was a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (I still maintain a part-time private practice). I coach success minded, excellence oriented individuals, families & organizations seeking empowerment in virtually ANY area of their life and wellbeing. I'm also a nationally recognized expert in the area of Attention Deficit Disorders (I myself have ADD). I'm a professional advisor & board member to my local CH.A.D.D. (Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders)chapter & have presented on ADD Coaching at CH.A.D.D.'s international conference in 2000 in Chicago. I will also be co-presenting a full day Pre-Conference Institute on ADD Coaching in 2001 in Los Angeles."

ADD Management - "ADD Coach Jennifer Koretsky offers tips, resources, and services to help you learn how to manage your ADD. Coaching, support groups and workshops are available."

The Right Coach - "Living well with ADHD is about understanding how you think and learn. Rather than adapt and adjust to the way the rest of the world operates, understand your unique gifts and use them to bring the joy and excitement of living back into your life. You can do all you want and do it well your way."

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