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Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
UK Professionals

Find a Therapist - "UK & Ireland Counsellor Directory. Working for the fair and adequate representation of resources in counselling and psychotherapy."

BrainWorks Neurotherapy - "Brainworks uses advanced neurofeedback, biofeedback, and sensory integration technologies - methods grounded in modern neuroscience to measurably improve concentration and emotional balance. Brainworks are leading pioneers in the field, offering the most advanced equipment and methods in the EU."

NeuroKnowHow - "We are an independent Neurodiversity consultancy. We provide Assistive Technology Tutoring and Specialist Support from a team of qualified consultants, tutors and associates. We assess and support adults with neurological differences such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD that can make learning, employment and life an extra challenge."

Neuro Diversity Awareness Forum - "Website for Wendy Smith FRSA, MA, PGCE, PGC (BESD). An advocacy service including training, consultancy and coaching for professionals, parents and young people with ADHD and other neuro diverse conditions."

ADHD Direct - Site by Gordon Brown RMN, BSc (Hons), SPQ "ADHD Direct offers a detailed and thorough assessment of possible ADHD. For those who are diagnosed with ADHD, we offer a comprehensive treatment package that can be catered to meet the needs of individual families."

ProSocial Skills - Site by Dr Angel Adams "Dr Adams is credentialed as a Chartered Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychologist in the UK. She co-runs a weekly ADHD Assessment Clinic with a team of specialists and developed a semi-structured interview and questionnaire (The ADISA) for assessing ADHD that is used at the clinic and is currently being piloted throughout the UK. Dr Adams runs a psychosocial group programme for children and adolescents with ADHD and Aspergerís Syndrome, which includes adjunct parent training and coaching, teacher consultation, and support groups for siblings. A pilot study has been conducted looking at the effects of social skills training with children aged 9-11, and further research is planned involving a larger outcome study."

ADHD Care Pathways - "brings together information on adhd and care pathways from an evidence based perspective. This website is aimed at professionals working with ADHD whether they are from health, social care, education or criminal justice however will also be accessible to those with ADHD and their families. In addition to UK national information, the website enables multiagency partnerships at local level to consider how they would develop their own local ADHD care pathway. This will mean that information in the national website will be accessible to organisations that develop local websites."

DC Educational Services - "DC educational services is dedicated to providing high quality educational and psychological services to children and families. Our mission is to provide people with the information and assistance needed to reach their educational goals and to increase community understanding of the needs of individuals with learning difficulties by using solution-oriented methods to address those needs."

U P S T A R T S - "Educational, Rewarding and most of all FUN THEATRE GROUPS, TRAINING AND WORKSHOPS"

Ged Balmer - Educational Psychologiist Website - After 13 years of teaching in LEA maintained schools, I qualified as a chartered educational psychologist and am now in my 18th year of being employed as an educational psychologist by one of the London Boroughs.

Marianna Csotis' Website - Marianna is the author of a number of books which offer practical self help and social skills including "People Skills for Young Adults" and "Social Awareness Skills for Children" both of which are on Book pages with reviews by Caroline of All of Mariannas' books are great and full of helpful advice so to find out more visit the site.

Thomley Hall - "an activity centre for disabled children and their families. A college for young autistic adults aged 19 to 25 years to learn independent living skills and vocational skills. Providing courses and resources for professionals working within the field of disability/special educational needs."

Behavioural Management UK - Website for Lorrine Marer a behavioural specialist and an ADHD coach. The site tells you all about her and what she does. Lorrine also runs parenting workshops in Croydon, Enfield and many other places.

The Centre Academy - The Centre Academy is a special school: "Your child uses a precission learning system in English Skills and Mathematics designed to meet his or her individual learning style. This system has been successful since inception in 1968. Conferences are held regularly to discuss your child's progress, and parents receive bi-weekly written reports. Special meeting can be held at any time. Communication is important; we need to work together to ensure your child's success."

The Coaching Centre - The Coaching Centre is run by Dianne Zaccheo. Dianne is a Therapist and a Coach. She also offers training for coaches and can provide details for a number of Coaches in the UK

The Dyscovery Centre - "The Dyscovery Centre is an independent centre with a multi-professional team of health and educational professionals who assess and treat children and adults with Specific learning difficulties." The founder Dr Amanda Kirby, a parent of a child with Dyspraxia and Sharon Drew ( co-director)

A & B Clinics. Managed by Dr. Y. Kramer - Website for A & B Clinics which are managed by Dr. Y. Kramer, Consultant Clinical Chartered Pyschologist, giving details of the clinics in London and Manchester. They specialise in ADHD & ADD in children, adolescents & adults and Dr. Kramer is certified to administer Feurstein's Learning Potential Assessment Device of Cognitive Dysfunctions.

The Learning Assessment Centre - Led by Dr. Geoffrey Kewley, one of the leading UK ADD/ADHD specialists, the Assessment Centre in Horsham, West Sussex, is unique in it's approach. They take NHS and private referrals. Dr.Kewley's book, "ADHD: Recognition, Reality and Resolution", is an excellent read and if you get an opportunity to hear him speak, it's really worth it, so keep an eye on our Events Notice Board.

ADD Centre - "Dr. Ron Weinstein's ADD Centre provides comprehensive assistance for both children and adults with ADD/ADHD and their families throughout the UK. Services include assessments, treatment and support, coaching, legal advocacy, workshops and consulting. The website contains up-to-date information on all aspects of ADD/ADHD."

Integrated Neurocare - New website for Integrated Neurocare. "INTEGRATED NEUROCARE IS A UNIQUE SPECIALISED HEALTHCARE COMPANY. This company has been formed from the international child neurology service started in 1995 by Dr Gwilym Hosking. Integrated Neurocare is able to provide a service to children and their families in Britain and abroad who may have a suspected neurological or neurodevelopmental impairment"

EEG Neurofeedback Services - "This is the UK's only full time comprehensive neurofeedback practice offering treatment as a NHS service provider or by private referral. As well as treating ADD/ADHD they have also dealt with a variety of other conditions such as Tics, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Asthma, Epilepsy, etc."

International Psychology Services - A professional AD/HD training organisation based in the U.K., primarily for Health and Education professionals. Details of conferences, events and services they provide are available.

The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (Chester) - An examination of the underlying physical factors which may be responsible for conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, attention deficit disorder (ADD & ADHD), together with a whole range of others specific learning difficulties.

David Fulton Publishers - David Fulton Publishers specialise in publishing practical books for initial teacher training, teachers in both mainstream and special schools, and others involved in education. The publications list currently includes curriculum materials for use by teachers in the classroom.

The HANDLE Institute - Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency. "The HANDLE approach is a comprehensive, drug-free approach, using multiple disciplines to explore and treat neurodevelopmental issues. This approach treats the root causes of a problem rather than treating symptoms."

UK Neurofeedback - "We have recently opened the most advanced QEEG (quantative electroencephalograph) and neurofeedback centre in the UK."

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