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Mental Health

The Brain Charity - "The Brain Charity offers emotional support, practical help, and social activities to anyone with a neurological condition and to their friends, families and carers. The Brain Charity is the only national organisation in the UK which offers support across the spectrum of neurological conditions rather than just focusing on one area. They offer a range of services including counselling, confidence building courses, employment support, welfare benefits advice, support for carers and a national information and advice service." - "The Linden Method. A unique, fast and permanent treatment method for sufferers of Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, Generalised Anxiety, OCD and PTSD by Charles Linden."

Fellowship of Depressives Anonymous - "for all depression sufferers out there, and those who care for depressives. Depression is a potentially debilitating mental illness, that is widely misunderstood, by many health and social care professionals, particularly GPs, as well as the general public."

The Online Dictionary of Mental Health - "This resource has over 800 pages of information, 3300 hyperlinks, 11 complete online books, three online journals, hundreds of articles and papers, book reviews and best-seller lists, reading recommendations, interviews, professional mailing lists, discussion webs, and the well-known Mental Health Search Engine and Mental Health Metasearch."

Young Minds - Young Minds works to promote the mental health of children and young people.

Mencap - Britain's oldest and largest charity for people with learning disabilities, their families and carers. The Web Site has been specially designed for people with learning disabilities.

MIND - A leading mental health charity in England and Wales. Information, contact addresses and links.

Institute of Psychiatry - Links to a wide range of mental health resources. Host to web pages for the Bethlem & Maudsley NHS Trust, giving information and events for '97.

The Mental Health Foundation - A major UK charity aiming to improve the lives of everyone with mental health problems or learning disabilities.

Mental Health in the UK - "This web site is for people with any sort of mental health problems (Depression, Anxiety, O.C.D, Alzheimer's etc). There's lots of useful links to Advocacy teams, MIND, self-help groups, and a whole lot of other stuff."

PsychCafe - "Online support groups, mental health library, mental > health newsletters, personal blogs, more"

Robin Truitt - "A psychotherapist since 1995, Robin Truitt is licensed in Washington, DC (LICSW) and in Maryland (LCSW-C). As a private practitioner, he works with adults and adolescents. Robin provides marriage and family counseling, as well as psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and groups. Many clients seek to improve relationships, deal with depression, anxiety, trauma, work performance, and manage life transitions."

Parenting Support Line - "You Are Not Alone Being a parent is complex, challenging and pressurized. "Good parenting" doesn't just happen. It requires patience, coping skills, empathy, love, emotional maturity, compassion, and education. And those are just the basics. We believe all moms, dads and caretakers can benefit from professional support and assistance to help with parenting issues. A parent coach, one who is a parent as well, can help you to acquire skills to manage discipline and punishments and reduce conflicts."

Theraputic Milieu - "One of our goals is to provide a comprehensive database of resources for mental health professionals working with at-risk youth and emotionally disturbed children"

Online Psychology Services - "details of Mental Disorders - DSM IV, Diagnostic Criteria for the most common mental disorders including: description, diagnosis, treatment, and research findings."

At Health Inc. - Huge Mental Health database of resources.

Mental Health Net - Award-winning review guide to mental health, psychology, and psychiatry online. They currently list over 7,000 individual resources and are home to over 7,750 regular members.

Internet Mental Health - A free encyclopedia of mental health information, including descriptions and treatment options on a whole range of disorders, i.e., A.D.D., Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Conduct Disorder etc., etc. By Canadian psychiatrist, Dr.Phillip Long. Includes European descriptions of some of these disorders as well as a host of other detailed mental health information. Psychiatry on line Italia - " partially in english is, by far, the most popular psychiatric on line resource in Italy, either for professionals and for patients".

If you or a loved one has co-occurring disorder, a free services like can help you find the right dual diagnosis treatment

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