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Claiming Disability Living Allowance & Other Social Security Benefits

Adult Incapacity Benefit

This is a copy of a form of criteria for qualifying for Incapacity Benefit which was posted on our forum board by someone - I am not sure exactly how accurate this is but have been told by them that this is how things are at this time (15/06/05)

They posted:

"There is no reason why someone cannot qualify for Incapacity Benefit purely on the grounds of ADHD. It all depends on how severe her/his symptoms are. A claimant needs to score 10 points at the medical and I've copied the full list of criteria and points below - quite a few seem to fit ADHD perfectly."

15. Completion of tasks.

a) Cannot answer the telephone and reliably take a message. 2 points
b) Often sits for hours doing nothing. 2 points
c) Cannot concentrate to read a magazine article or follow a radio or television programme. 1 point
d) Cannot use a telephone book or other directory to find a number. 1 point
e) Mental condition prevents him from undertaking leisure activities previously enjoyed. 1 point
f) Overlooks or forgets the risk posed by domestic appliances or other common hazards due to poor concentration. 1 point
g) Agitation, confusion or forgetfulness has resulted in potentially dangerous accidents in the last 3 months. 1 point
h) Concentration can only be sustained by prompting. 1 point

16. Daily living

a) Needs encouragement to get up and dress. 2 points
b) Needs alcohol before midday. 2 points
c) Is frequently distressed at some time of the day due to fluctuation of mood. 1 point
d) Does not care about his appearance and living conditions. 1 point
e) Sleep problems interfere with his daytime activities. 1 point

17. Coping with pressure

a) Mental stress was a factor in making him stop work. 2 points
b) Frequently feel scared or panicky for no obvious reason. 2 points
c) Avoids carrying out routine activities because he is convinced they will prove too tiring or stressful. 1 point
d) Is unable to cope with changes in daily routine. 1 point
e) Frequently finds there are so many things to do that he gives up because of fatigue, apathy or disinterest. 1 point
f) Is scared or anxious that work would bring back or worsen his illness. 1 point
18. Interaction with other people.

a) Cannot look after himself without help from others. 2 points
b) Gets upset by ordinary events and it results in disruptive behavioural problems. 2 points
c) Mental problems impair ability to communicate with other people. 2 points
d) Gets irritated by things that would not have bothered him before he became ill. 1 point
e) Prefers to be left alone for 6 hours or more each day. 1 point
f) Is too frightened to go out alone. 1 point

This is as I say from someone who has looked this information up so I cannot say where it is from or anything like that - Ed

Sarah-Jayne Bass -

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