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UK General Election 2001

Election Questions - Replies

Scottish National Party

Scottish National Party

The following reply has been received from the Scottish National Party.

Dear Mr. Hensby,

Many thanks for taking the time to contact the SNP with your queries over SNP policies. I have answered each of the four questions in the paragraphs below:

1. What are your party's proposals for education of those with special needs and behavioural problems including appropriate training for teachers?

On the issue of special educational needs (SEN), the SNP have recognised that inclusive schools with an inclusive orientation are the most effective means of meeting the needs of all learners, all of whom have an equal entitlement to be there. The SNP would encourage the furthering of moves towards the more inclusive practice through a continuum of support and services to match the continuum of SEN. We would facilitate movement and flexibility across the range of SEN provision including specialist settings, voluntary bodies and those providing respite care and also ensuring that the needs of young people with SEN are addressed to ensure progression into further education, the world of work and the wider community.

2. What would your party do about the 18 month to 2 year waiting list for initial appointments for potential adult and many child ADD/ADHD sufferers?

The NHS in SCotland is suffering from massive under investment. To make matters worse due to the Barnett squeeze Scotland's Health Service will lose out on 325 million of funding. The SNP are committed to proper investment in the NHS to deliver real improvements. Part of this will be a committment to cut waiting lists including those for adult and child ADD/ADHD sufferers. We believe that maximum waiting times for all inpatient treatment can be cut in half in the first term of an SNP government.

3. I think many people would agree that medication is not the only answer for conditions like ADHD but there are little or no provisions or resources available on the NHS for support and aftercare for children or adults. What would your party do about this issue?

As I have outlined above the SNP have committed to a programme of massive investment in the health service which would make a real difference to ADD/ADHD sufferers.

4. A number of reports have indicated that between 60% and 80% of crime may be committed by those suffering with conditions like ADHD. Would your party support and fund resources for early detection of ADHD in Primary and Junior schools and also facilities to assess young offenders?

The SNP accept that criminal justice policy formulation cannot take place in a vacuum and account must be taken of a wide variety of other issues. We would certainly target young people as well in our schools with an aim of preventing crime at the earliest stage though we do recognise that parents as well as schools have a responsibility.

I hope that this at least goes some way to answering your query however please feel free to get back in touch with me if you have any questions. You may also like to visit our web site at which holds a copy of our manifesto and greater detail about our health policy in the document 'We Stand for Health' as well as other information that you may find of use,

With Thanks,
Stephen Gethins

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