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Colon Cleansing

There are hundreds of current studies at the moment about the colon and the bacteria inside. A lot of these studies support colon cleansing and give reasons as to why do it. Personally this measure should only be considered later on if you clearly exhibit problems of the lower tract, but at the same time it is important to keep informed because as we all know, information is a powerful tool.

In a certain article Ellie Metchnikoff, Nobel Prize winner in the field of Medicine, stated that “death starts in the colon” and even though this might sound a little harsh there is truth to it. Our intestine is about 1.5 m long and is host to over 500 species of micro-organisms, this sum up to about one hundred thousand billion bacteria whose main role is to maintain proper function of the thick intestine and at the same time to support our immune system. But because of our modern day dysfunctional eating habits, improper hydration or lack of essential nourishing substances, the internal flora takes blows every time.

The colon’s base function is to gather the body’s toxins, which gradually decompose, thus making it easy for parasites to make it their home, or make room for other things such as an irritated colon or even cancer. The toxins that gather are also to blame for cases of chronic constipation, lack of minerals in the bones, fatigue, and lack of focus or even general low body immunity. If it takes food to pass through our system from anywhere around 48 to 72 hours we are talking about slow intestinal transit. Longer means constipation.

Modern day life makes it even harder to keep healthy because we are exposed constantly to thousands of toxic substances both in the work environment and at home, through the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink and most harmful, the medicine we take. The artificial foods and sweets we take for granted are also pretty bad for us and during recent history the air has been increasingly polluted.

In conclusion, maintaining a toxin free colon can be vital, weather we have extra weight or not, or if we are in our 20s or 60s. There are simple ways to colon cleanse and keep the level of bacteria in check that do not require considerable medical intervention. There a few key aspects that if followed properly should lead to a healthy and worry free life. For example, drink at least 2L of water per day. Eat a lot of fruits. Melons, grapes and apples have high water concentration and in general fruits are a natural cleaner of your colon. Fibres are also important; whole wheat, brown rice, whole cereals are important vitamin B resources that help maintain proper intestinal flow. There are also green vegetables and natural juices to take into consideration but by now I think everyone reading this small article got the big picture.

It is not necessary to resort to extreme measures such as enemas or medication to keep a clean colon or even a healthy body for that matter, just make sure to eat your vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water and once in a while if given the chance exercise. These are the basic guidelines to a healthy you no matter what age or gender.

Andrei Vizitiu for

More information about Colon Cleansing in Italian: Per saperne di più sui benefici per la salute di pulizia Intestinale ora. Migliorare la vostra salute fisica e mentale attraverso metodi naturali o farmaceutici. Colon Cleanse Nettoyage Du Colon FOREVER HEALTH COLON CLEANSE utilise les propres ingrédients de la nature dans une formule aux plantes puissante qui nettoie délicatement et efficacement le transit intestinal.

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