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By Tim for his son Roger

The day starts out like most of the others
Its time for shool,he climbs under the covers
Once he gets up and often its slow
He says over and over do I have to go?

He' made it to the bus in 5 seconds flat
he's sitting there wondering where is my hat!
The bus driver knows nothing of adhd
She just writes up the notes and gives them to me

Hes made it to school,big smile on his face
It wont be long before changes take place
One hour later his smile is gone
Keeps asking himself where did I go wrong?

Now the phone rings,I know it's the school
Hes jumping around and acting like a fool
He,s disrupting the class and he wont sit still
Shes quick to the question,did you give him his pill?
Its out to the hallway,big smile on his face
He knows it,ll be soon that his smile will erase
The kids in the hall there all messing the same
But its him that gets the brunt of the blaming game

Its back to class and its time to learn more
But his mind is just wandering just like before
Hes finished his work so he sings his own song
Unfortunately for him there graded all wrong

The phone rings again there pulling out there hair
But what can I do without being there
They just keep complaining and I know they will
Shes wondering all the time, Did he give him his pill?

Lets go to lunch its that time of day
He hurries and eats almost time to play
Hes smiling now its time to play ball
Erased once again hes standing on the wall.

I go to the school to see if I can help
The teacher see's me,she starts to yelp
He's doin this he's doing that,and he cant sit still
I know what she's hinting, give him his pill?

Now is the time for the counselor to see
Going to make this boy be all he can be
She pokes and she prods,whats going on in his head?
Don't blame this boy for not wanting to get out of bed.

She leaves five troubled boys alone to play
Of course when she returns.there'll be hell to pay
Who started this trouble,im taking a poll
He says with a smirk,its just anger control

Teacher teacher I really have to go
Here is your pass and don't be slow!
Left all alone its his smile that has grown
Im going to the kitchen,you know it's the phone

Roger o roger what did you do now?
The bathrooms flooded,what ,when and how?
You must start listening I say in a stern voice!
He say,s ok dad,but its not his first choice.

His next class is art,he really likes to go
Theres lot of things there that he likes to throw
The teacher has had it and feeling quite ill
She writes me a note,did he take his pill?

Its off to ms. Johnson's and he likes her most
He can push all her buttons till she looks like a ghost
She wants to make changes on his I.E.P
Shes losing her reasoning on this A.D.H.D

Its time for phy-ed he excel's there like crazy
Runs fast as he can,doesn't want to be lazy
He's jogging around doesn't care about pace
You wont see this boy come in second place.

Smiling again he starts his last class
Says to himself I hope this goes fast
This is your homework?you didn't even do some
There handing out treats,he'll surely get none.

More structures whats needed they only guess
But I don't think he,s getting it from I.S.S
He wont do his work,slow as a snail
Do they really think he's going to Harvard or Yale?

Go see the principle see what she can do!
She points and yells, you think this is a zoo!
They try and they try to break this boys will
But the phone rings again,did he take his pill?

He gets off the bus,gets a big hug from me
We love him very much,despite his A.D.H.D
His smile is back,for the world to see
When I tell him his problems all come from me

I know he has homework,but I send him out to play
I understand totally what he went through today
Smiling right now he's king of the hill
And you know today I've forgottin,to give him his pill

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