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If Tigger were real

By Tamara

If Tigger were real, just how would he feel?
If he couldn't bounce, or he couldn't pounce?
Just how would he act if he couldn't show his joy?
Would he be as lost as a fatherless boy?
Would he be as peaceful as a white dove?
If he were told how not to express his love?

If Tigger was less bouncey, would it be better for us all?
Would it be better for the world if he would just crash and fall?
To go inside Tigger, just what would you see?
I think if you look closely, you'd see ME!

The point I am making is one so true,
If you try to change Tigger, just what would he do?
Would he go "crazy" with grief?
Wondering Who, What and How?
Would he know what to do, then and now?
How would he act?
Just what would he do?
If you tried to change Tigger
What would poor Tigger do?
Would he go 'round moping and dragging his tail?
Wondering what do I do now? To no avail!!!!!!
It wouldn't be the same without Tigger around,
No jumping with joy to abound!
It would be quiet, peaceful and serene.........
If there were no Tigger on the scene.

Is this really what we want to do?
To change a life and make it so blue?
To have it completley distroyed and do away with so quick
Would we do it in just one easy little flick?
How would we feel if we did that to him?
How would we live with ourselves day after day?
To know that we did something horrid, to poor Tigger
So he couldn't enjoy his day, we just went POOF with the trigger.
We ended his joy, by removing his bounce and his pounce
We took all the meaning and love he had
When we took out his bounce and pounce
He'd not only be left with just one little ounce
One little ounce, that's tough and hard
When you're used to being bouncy and pouncy all over the yard
To have to be curbed, be stopped in your tracks,
To never never never be able to go back
How would we live with ourselves is the question to ask?
Maybe we should just take time to look beyond Tigger's mask
Yes, that's the answer tried and true,

Look inside the Tigger in you and me
And you might just be surprised at what you see.
I'm loving and caring and willing to please,
Just don't jerk me around, and please don't tease.
I want to do right, in my mind there's no plight!
Just proving to others just what I can do,
Is very hard, when you have a Tigger inside YOU!
Just how would he feel?

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