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Happiness Reborn

By Chris (aged 16)

When I look back,
To how my life was,
It seems like a story,
A life-line from Oz,
I felt so depressed,
Right down in the dumps,
Now, when I push it behind my heart jumps,
I hated the world,
And thought the world hated me,
I know now it was just putting up with my bad ways,
I was so blind with hatred, I just couldnít see,
Now seeing myself change makes me so high,
Pleasing the people who care about me,
Puts me straight in the sky.

For the first time I can recall,
Iím smiling all day,
No worries, no problems to stand in my way,
Never thinking Iíve got no hope,
Iíve finished taking it all as a joke,
I know what Iíve got,
And how much I care,
No more frustration,
No more pulling out my hair,
I wonder now, how I could have been so blind,
It doesnít matter now,
Future in front of me,
Bad times behind.

I just want to thank you,
For helping me through,
I couldnít have done it,
Without all the help from you,
Iím sorry for the past,
And I hope the good feelings will last,
Terrified of slipping back through time,
When my deepest thoughts were dark,
My mind was full of slime,
The futureís becoming brighter,
Every day that I live,
Itís all because of you,
I wish I could give,
Something back to you,
To show how Iím grateful,
Iím no longer down, no longer hateful.

I know the road of life,
May sometimes be rough,
Weíll tackle it together,
Weíre used to being tough,
I may still at times,
Make you frown at me,
I hope Iíll live up to what you want me to be,
If not, remember Iím trying,
I feel the bad side of me is still dying,
But my mind will never be formatted,
The dark side ill always be there,
But even if I say I donít,
I will always care,
Nobodyís perfect,
Least of all me,
I donít want to be blind again,
I always want to see,
Another thing is I love you,
No matter how it seems,
But I suppose being an a******e,
Is past down through the genes!!!!!!

I mean what I say,
This wasnít just Ďsomething to writeí,
I hope you understand it all,
Because itís taken me all night!

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