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The challange

By Richard UK

People think Iím being pathetic and ďfeeling sorry for myselfĒ but I canít change, I hate it when people expect things will get better, I donít see anything fixed or destined in front of me,

yes people will help us, and people will feel sorry for me but thatís no good to me.

Nothing changes, Iím the same as I was 5-10-20 years ago, I see a job/family responsibilities as a huge challenge, not just a mundane thing ďyou have to doĒ but a colossal mountain that constantly grows so you never reach the peak:

The mountain

ď I take on the challenge, Iíve been here before many times but IímĒ fit nowď better than I was, I have new boots, and Iím strong, I start climbing, itís easy, Iíve had bad experiences last time, (and the time before that), difficulties and injuries, but the ground is solid, the rocks are small, I can do this all day!

Then the ground gets steeper, but thatís ok Iím ready for it, I enjoy every step!

I feel pride once more, I really can climb, I told everyone an no one believed me!

I look up some chap has found a flat plateau, lucky bugger and itís going the same way!

I canít go that way though thereís a cliff alongside me, maybe Iíll find a route and climb up there?

I stumble a little my legs are tired, I stop for a rest, wow Iíve done well, much further than I thought, but hang on Iím miles from the summit, I look up again, now several more people have found the easy routeÖ.oh well they probably arenít as fit.

On I go gradually through the day still going uphill I realise that whichever route I take keeps me on rough undulating ground, the more I look up the more people I see taking it easy, I hear them chatting to each other, complaining a little about being tired but actually getting a sense of comradeship and worth.

The day is late Iím still staggering on after hours of seemingly pointless effort, (why didnít I go the other route) I felt macho and proud earlier on, but this is getting really boring now, every hill brings a new view of another hill I have to climb, the others are way ahead I see them sitting having a tea break in the distance on the plateau, some are not as fit but they have trolleys and one even has a mule carrying him! Pah they wouldnít be able to climb a real mountain!

oh no, Iíve just seen huge boulders, itíll be like climbing over cars and vans for the next bit, I never saw this on the mapÖ.and it goes on as far as I can see.

Itís now really hard going, I get bumped and scraped every step the huge rough boulders are covering the ground ahead there must have been a rock fall, I stop for a breath I look down, shins red raw, boots ripped to shreds, my bag has bitís missing. I look into the distance on my path , the peak still miles off, the other group I can only just see now, theyíve at the peak mountain and are continuing to another easy flat path, they donít even see me struggle or offer help, as I clamber between huge rocks, not that theyíd be able to, as Iím at the bottom of a cliff, Iím not in danger, just knackered.

They laugh and make remarks, ďitís easyĒ ďitís hard work for everyone donítí moanĒ

I can walk (though in pain), and itís a short walk to the valley, no rescue team would help me if they did theyíd only laugh at the route I took, or be cross, theyíve seen me quite a few times already.

I really wanted to get to the peak, and that plateau, Iím not going to bother trying this mountain again, itĎs too hard and thereĎs a much easier route (Iíve tried it every day for years).

But I have to, otherwise I cannot move forward and people rely on me to reach the peak.

Why wonít anyone tell me how to get to the flat path?

Iíll try the mountain again tomorrowÖ.

By Richard

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