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A Child's Version of ADHD

By Sharon

What is ADHD?
Do we know?
Do we understand?
We do!
Who are you?
We here you ask,
We are the children given this task!
We here you cry
Yes task we reply,
A task that eventually no one will deny.

We are the children, who can explain,
We are the little people who have to explain again & again in vain.
Explain what? we hear you say,
Our disorder
Or so you say!.

First of all you must understand this wasn't our fault it wasn't planned.
We were born this way, so you see and "no" mum didn't drop me from her knee.
This was natures way it was meant to be, and Mother Nature chose little old me.
Cruel! We hear you say,
Well Mother nature has her way.

There are things that we don't understand, like what Mother nature has planned.
When you first here ADD you wonder just what it might be,
Is it catching we here you ask "no" you silly ass.

As you go through life you begin to understand that we are not the silly ones, as originally planned.
We are the children on everyone's mind,
We are the children who sit back and see
All the adults argue over me.

"Argue" we hear you shout
"yes we reply"
Argue with something that you cant see,
Argue with the unknown
"that's me".
Its you the adults the ones that are here, who live with this disorder
Us we have no fear.

We are the ones who have lots of joy,
Playing on our playstations "boy oh boy"
Whilst we are doing this you see all the adults are fighting over "me".
"Fighting" you ask
what do you mean?
Why cant we work together as a team?.

I come home from school, and go on my machine mum is on the phone to Dr Doreen,
"he needs a psychiatrist" I hear her shout,
"he needs help & there's no doubt"
who needs help? I reply

I come downstairs and have my tea,
Away I go again and play happily, mum is on the phone again, this time to Dr Bell,
"I do not understand this ADD" I hear her yell,
"is there nothing that we can do"
no my dear I'm afraid it is left up to you!,
the research team are trying with all their might, to tackle the unknown its fight, fight, fight.

I come downstairs to get a little drink, I have a little chuckle and a little think.
Forgive me if this is way off line, but would it not be easier to take the time, for all those adults to speak to me
After all
It is me who lives with ADD.

They are the ones who argue all day!
They are the ones who wonder every day!
They are the ones who spend thousands of pounds!
They are the ones who walk the grounds!.

We are the ones who play all day!
We are the ones who get by every day!
We are the ones who live with ADD!
"please don't avoid me"
"just ask me"

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