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My Kids

By 5minsmore

I have 2 children who mean the world to me
I have 1 thats not fitting the perfect ideal that you see.
He swears, he kicks, he fights, he fidgets, he defies me,
Thats not even meantioning the bites when he's stood beside me.

He will deny things till his blue in the face
i've watched him do it! but oh no, it's this girl called grace.
Right or wrong, i've smacked, grounded, stripped his room.
I've screamed and shouted for him to forget, far to soon.

I've seen that look of disgust many a time on another parents face,
sort your child, cant you see he's a disgrace.
I've tried to make excuses for my child,
dieing inside thinking maybe my disapline is too mild.

I've seen my son cry night after night
I just want a friend mum i try not to fight.
I dont want to be bad, I want to love you to make you not feel sad.
I cry with him and try so hard to make him see he isn't bad

But you know he has got a problem, medical you see
Those parents too stupid, to give my son a chance to be free.
Parents who have children like us are lucky, you might not this second agree
we spend time with our kids and see them for the spirt inside them thats free

Lets face it we all know
Our children angels? thats a no go.
But for all we go through, the i cant cope with this anymore
Our children push us to show we love them above all.

We are so pleased with an hour of them behaving
Our hearts lift and our stress levels defalting.
But truth be known, all we truely want is the idea of free
the innocent of childhood, to be happy, not judged and even eat thier tea.

hey i know thats pushing it now
so is the shower, and in bed just 1 extra hour
But you know where i'm coming from too
You do realise it's our children that get us through

By 5minsmore

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