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Ode to a Tutting Stranger

By Lesley

You look at me - what do you see
I'm a mum - a mum of 3
But I don't think that's what you really see

I'm a mum you see, this mum of 3, and
of the 3, there's one with ADHD

I'm the mum who often walks to school, carrying the 1 with ADHD
I can hardly lift him so it's quite hard for me
And I've the other two to keep under control

You see him kick, you see him bite, you are horrified to see him fight
You look at me, I see your glare - you don't approve and think I let him off light
He's the 1 with ADHD
It's help he needs, not your wild stare

I'm proud of what I have and do

Let's see - could you do it too

Could you stay up half the night?
Could you put up with a constant fight?
Could you live with a child who can't play,
but can break anything - every day?
Could you live with your wallpaper torn?
Could you stay calm when your temper is warm?

Would you punish my child for crying for "nothing"?
Could you give him love when he spits in your food?
Could you understand why he kicks your face?
Can you make sure he is never ever out of your sight?
Or you just might have your house set alight!

Frustration is high, could you help him calm down?
It's like this all day every day, could YOU last for just ONE day?
Could you then make time - for the other 2
You're so tired, but you can't just make do
And housework don't forget - that's still there too
And food to do - and shopping to get
There's no-one to help, they can't cope with the stress
How would you do?
How would you really do?

Could you then really say at the end of any day - you'd had a good day?

I can !

My boy needs my help as do my other 2
There's no time for me, but
don't feel sorry for me
At the end of each night at the end of all fights
The ADHD has let free and what do I see?
My boys say night night - and mum I love you

Would they do that for you too?

Next time we see you I hope the wind blows
And makes your frown stay forever and a day

By Lesley

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