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ADDer Rap

By Jo aged 12

Steph who is the mum of Jo posted this on our Forum Boards saying "Just wanted to share this with everyone - our adder wrote this rap about how he's felt in the last 12 months or so about school and life in general. Well what can I say............ain't medication a wonderful thing if our 12 yar old can suddenly express his feelings like this! Once we'd stopped crying (yes, Kev as well) we told him how very very proud of him."

When I went to big school it was a hard time
My Mum & Dad supported me thats why I'm fine
But as time moved on things started to get worse
I started getting angry and having outbursts
I was scared to go to school cos I knew what they'd say
Whenever Im there Im sent home every day
My Mum stayed home to take care of me
I was acting really selfish - how can that be?
Even if Im not in school Im still in trouble
Im banned from some places, like the shopping mall
I've got one thing to say about my life
I really really hate it and this is why
All the times I've tried to be a swat
I can count them in my head and it ain't a lot.

Chorus - Please please no
I dont wanna go (to school)
I like this place (home)
I think it is ace

But then four months later things got well bad
Here's my mums boyfriend, now he's my stepdad
When I first met him I thought he was a goon
Then I realised that I'd judged him way to soon
But the best thing that I've ever had
Is the thing I've got now which is a Dad
Anyway lets get back to my time at school
I hated it there, it really wasn't cool
My family supported me, they were always there
They love me to bits and I know that they care
They think I am great cos thats what I am
I can't swear at all - I have to say damn
You cant make me go school, especially right now
I will just get kickd out for being too loud
Thats why I hate it - I hate it so much
But everytime I say that Im told I make a fuss

And the chorus again!

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